Paralleling Festivals: Passover & Easter!

Happy Wednesday!

Sorry for the long delay in writing today. This is the latest I’ve blogged in many months. My dad’s hospitalization has me a bit behind schedule. He’s still in ICU, suffering from a severe ulcer in the top of his small intestine. The doctors said they were going attempt a surgical fix… and then changed their minds this morning. My prayer is that he will heal without surgery. Looks like that’s underway!

I wish all of my Jewish friends a happy Passover Festival! Last night, we participated in our first Passover Seder service/meal… AMAZING! The reality of Christ encountered during that observance is way beyond words! Next year, I want to host one @ Destiny Family Center! Every Christian should deepen his or her faith by celebrating the Jewish Festivals! Each festival points to Jesus in a million dimensions! What a time that was!!

It so happens that this year: Easter and Passover overlap! How nifty is that? (smile)

The Passover Festival started @ sundown yesterday (Tuesday) and continues for seven days… while the Easter Holidays began last Sunday (Palm Sunday), then this Friday is Good Friday (the day we celebrate Jesus’ crucifixion), ending this Sunday with Easter (a celebration of the resurrection of Christ from the dead).

We believe that Jesus fulfills all of the ritual contained in the Jewish Passover Festival. Passover is all about how God delivered the nation of Israel from a time of horrific slavery in Egypt.

God sent plagues on Egypt in order to break Pharaohs resolve. Moses prophesied that in the final plague, a death angel was going to descend on the land of Egypt and kill all the first born children and animals. God had Moses command his people to sacrifice a spotless lamb, and smear its blood on the door posts of their houses… and that if they did this, the death angel would PASSOVER, sparring their firstborn. The people did as Moses commanded and every firstborn child and animal in Egypt was killed… and the death angel did passover every house where there was BLOOD on the door post. Pharaoh finally released the slaves, and Israel went across the red sea to a new life of FREEDOM!

The significance of Passover to the Christian is this: We believe that every human born into the earth is born as a slave to sin. We believe that our sins carry the certain penalty of death (eternal separation from God). We believe that Jesus Christ fulfilled every type and shadow in the PASSOVER ritual when he came into the earth as Gods spotless lamb… he lived a sinless life and was sacrificed as a ransom payment for all who will put their faith in him!

Just like the death angel passed over the houses of those Israelites, death will passover every person who puts their faith in the blood of Christ! When we trust in Jesus to save us from our sins, we are freed FROM the slavery of sin, and INTO a life of freedom with our loving heavenly Father!

There is so much more to say about this… and it’s a bit difficult writing about deep stuff while sitting in this hospital room, when trying to concentrate on caring for my dad. Maybe this blog will help to trigger a joyfulness and appreciation concerning this MOST WONDERFUL TIME OF THE YEAR!

I prayed for you early this morning… have a most triumphant day! Please leave your amazing thoughts… love you all!

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2 thoughts on “Paralleling Festivals: Passover & Easter!

  1. I will join you in prayer for your dad's healing! I love this blog it most certaily brought me joy! This is a great time of year! Thank you for posting even when I know it is most convenient! I pray God will bless you for you dedication! Love you guys!