Yesterdays Maple Festival Journal w/ Photos!

Happy Sunday!

Had an amazing day at the Highland County Maple Festival yesterday! For some odd reason, our daughter Heaven was more hyper about the Maple Festival than almost anything she ever been hyper about in her “whole entire life!” On Friday night, she wrote on her facebook status, “Tomorrow is going to be the greatest day of my life!” Her energy made us smile all day long.

This year, it was Heaven, Coree, Cole, Grace, Millie, Emily and myself… and we saw a few friends from church throughout the day.

We always start out in the town of McDowell with a pancake breakfast. This year, we had to wait in line for almost 2 and a half hours! Everyone wanted to do anything but wait in that line… but there was no way to break that news to Heaven… so we did it! That is the longest I have ever waited in a line for anything, EVER! The man who took our money said they had already made 20,000 pancakes!

Emily made us laugh our heads off with her $4.00 marshmallow gun! Photo included! lol

After pancakes, we drove to Monterey and went through each of the MANY random maple festival shops… the crowd was biggest we’ve ever seen (in 20 years). We ran into some friends and followed them to the trout farm… fed the fish and played with two gigantic Mastic dogs.

Then followed our friends over a mountain on a LOGGING TRAIL SHORTCUT… to the maple syrup  farm… ate some hot maple donuts and watched the guys make syrup! They told us it takes 42-50 gallons of water extracted from the trees to make one gallon of syrup.

After this… we ended back at the Old McDowell store, where we ate the best brunswick soup of all time and some delicious maple syrup ice cream! Then, we headed home.

We must have laughed 200 separate times throughout the day… I LOVE MY FAMILY! And having Cole and Grace added so much to our excitement!

Hope you guys enjoyed your saturday!

Dream Big!


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3 thoughts on “Yesterdays Maple Festival Journal w/ Photos!

  1. you city people crack me up!!!! That's for sure. My Godmother and I used to go to that every year. 😛 see you in a little while!!

  2. Glad you had fun at the Maple Festival. Haven't been in years. We used to live in Monterey, and it was one of the 2 highlights of the year! (the other being the Highland County Fair)

  3. I wanna go to the Maple Festival!! …I just wanted to say that my Dad and I have probably seen the Matrix together like 100 times! It was pretty wild seeing parts of it in church!