From Rags to Riches!

Happy Friday! This morning, I want to talk again about the subject of Gods LOVE and FAVOR. The photo above is taken from the movie Blindside… the true story of a boy at the very bottom, who is lifted to the very top, through the LOVE and FAVOR of a caring rich lady and her […]

(Video) Heaven’s 16 Scoop Ice Cream Cone!

Happy Thursday! Feeling pretty sad about my dear Emily, having to work @ Kohls from 5:30am till 4:30pm today. She has to be the worse morning person I’ve ever known! Really, I must do something about this SOON. God be with Emily today, please give her strength… and a happy HEART and smiley FACE all […]

Taming the Spiritual Ego Monster!

Happy Wednesday! Tonight is session three of The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership @ Destiny Family Center! We have an increasing number of people attending each week, starts @ 7pm… dinner @ 6pm! I’ve heard, this is the hottest thing going on in Virginia on Wednesday nights right now! See you there? I do hope so! Taming […]

Unique Moments Frozen in Eternity!

Happy Tuesday! I love that 2008 photo of my two kids, Coree and Heaven being hilarious as they ALWAYS are! lol Life is a collection of unique moments! Talk about unique moments! My wife Emily and my daughter Heaven both had their permanent eyeliner put on at Glow Salon! Heaven paid for hers with her […]

A Moment of Pure Love!

Happy Monday! Ask me if I had the greatest weekend of my life! Oh yes I did, my whole family did… it was so far beyond human expression… a moment of PURE love! First, on Friday night… some very good friends took us out to a delicious dinner and gave us a very good time […]

We Found the Holy Grail of Unity Established in Love!

Happy Sunday! (The message you’re about to read is in my opinion, one of the greatest messages I’ve ever written! It’s MUCH DEEPER than it will seem at a first glance. So, read it several times until touches your life the way it is touching mine right now!) I’m writing todays blog from home; decided […]

The Most Poetic Plea For Help I’ve Ever Read!

Happy Saturday! Incoming message 12:59am This morning at 12:59am, I received a facebook message from an old friend! Just eleven years ago, this person was very instrumental in launching my family into full time ministry! He’s a great artist… one of his very special pencil drawings still hangs framed in my office, as a continual […]

I’m Very Hyper! Wanna Know Why? =)

Happy Friday! So, did anybody take me up on my Skype suggestion? Its FUN, you should try it… really! I was numb on top of my skull As some of you know, I’ve been working very FOCUSED–7 days a week, for the past 4 months. And on Wednesday, my mind felt like it was starting […]

Stunted Shrubs & Stately Trees!

Happy Thursday! Yesterday, I used Skype for the very first time! It only took 5 minutes to set it up… and I chatted with my friend Ren Jones from Cincinnati on Skype video (for free)… so much FUN! You guys should try this! Are you becoming a stunted shrub or a stately tree? Stunted: inferior in […]

Streams in the Desert!

Happy Wednesday! One year ago today, I wrote the following message… Psalms 126:4 “Restore our fortunes, Lord, as streams renew the desert.” As I read that verse, I thought about all you guys out there hoping for RESTORATION these days. Undoubtedly, the financial situation of these past two years has taken its toll on most […]