A Moment of Pure Love!

Happy Monday!

Ask me if I had the greatest weekend of my life! Oh yes I did, my whole family did… it was so far beyond human expression… a moment of PURE love!

First, on Friday night… some very good friends took us out to a delicious dinner and gave us a very good time of dear friendship… and then handed us an early pastor Appreciation card with a pile of money in it! Absolutely BLEW our minds!

Yesterday was Pastor appreciation day @ Destiny Family Center… I wrote two PROFOUND blogs leading up to the event. You guys should re-read them if you get the time.

Really, there are no words available in the english language to adequately describe that kind of LOVE! If you were there, then you know exactly what I’m saying! I felt like I had died and gone to heaven! Really!!

The stories people told… were more SPECIFIC than anyone could have staged! People made my family SEE THE VALUE of our ministry! There is nothing more important to us than to KNOW that people are more effective because of our leadership. Mannnn! Those stories were UNBELIEVABLE! I want to get a cd and play it on every bad day for the rest of my life! Thank you for your kind words…

  • Brandy Hatcher
  • Emily Beauchamp
  • Greg Baker
  • Pam Myers
  • Tammy Wade
  • Theresa Moore
  • Lola Widener
  • Rose Schleifer
  • Charlie Hatcher

The cards and words and hugs and smiles and gifts… they were so SINCERE! Some people actually CRIED when they looked into our eyes! Little kids created homemade cards with the coolest art work EVER!

I’m so glad my family drove to church together yesterday! The initial SHOCKER moment came when we opened my office door and found it FILLED with TWO THOUSAND balloons! I felt like I was 7 years old… it produced a kiddy JOY that I haven’t felt in my entire adult life! After church was over, it took 6 of us, 45 minutes of pop, pop, pop, pop, pop… to pop all of them… what a RUSH!

We were given a getaway to the Great Wolf Lodge, a very nice HD handycam, a full spa treatment for Emily, gifts for Coree and Heaven, and a pile of other fun gifts for each of us! Plus a very generous Pastor Appreciation day love offering!

There was a lovely special duet performed by Wayne and Jasmine Howard, and a few special HILARIOUS live skits performed by Robbie Widener, Greg Baker, and Aaron Huffer… and the funnest game I’ve ever played: Easy as it Gets! Ryan Huffer was host, Danae Huffer was our Vanna White, and Dexter Estes, and Marcia Clark were the selected contestants! Unbelievable!

We laughed for an hour and a half straight… it was the BEST MEDICINE! I feel like a new person this morning!

Then Dave Harman gave the best speech I’ve ever heard about myself and my family! He prophesied over my family and the church family… and what an impact that had on everyone! Here’s the text version of those prophecies:

The Lord has a word, for Pastor Chuck: “My delight is in the one who fears Me. I delight in the one who is humble before Me. I take great delight in the one who is courageous and unafraid of man or devil. My pleasure is in the one who relies not on his own wisdom and abilities but whose trust in me. Chucky you have been tested, refined as in a fiery furnace. You have endured much and have stood. Know then, that as long as you are faithful, as long as you continue to walk with me, trials will come. You will be tested and refined over and over again. Not because I disdain you, but because I love you, and delight in you, and take pleasure in you. And I will be with you and in Me you will overcome! We have much to do, you and I” says the Lord. “I have called you for such a time as this. I have called you to care for my sheep and there is yet much room and to spare in the fold, many who should be within it are not yet there and I am coming very, very, very, soon,”

To Destiny Family Center: “You also have been through the refining fire and have stood, You also will continue to be refined further still for I desire purity in your innermost being. This also is a mark of my high regard and great love for you. Your faithfulness, your works, even your tears are treasured by Me. The time is so very, very, very short and your friends, your neighbors, and even those in your family do not yet know Me. Do not be content to let them die in their sins. Think of the horror that awaits those who do and the great joy that awaits those who embrace My love. This is not the time to remain silent. Have I not called on you also to lay down your lives? Do not deceive yourselves into thinking that only those who serve you as leaders must do so. Remember this: It is not those who hear the word only who are approved, but those who actually do what I command.

A tremendous opportunity has been placed before you Destiny Family Center! I have prepared the feast and there are many empty seats waiting to be filled, so I command you to go out and whoever you meet, compel them to come. We have much to do Destiny Family Center, you and I, and I am coming very, very, very, quickly.”

Then, I was able to give my thank you speech… and I read from yesterdays blog and spoke from my heart… and the LOVE everyone experienced during that service was off the charts! Who could imagine that a Pastor Appreciation Day could ever be that FUN and that SACRED at the same time!

Then, after the service… we were invited to a dinner in our honor at the Scheifer residence! The food was out of this world… especially while eating it with such a beautiful team of leaders!

I pray for God to bless everyone that organized and led that appreciation service… and everyone that blessed us during that service… and everyone that blesses us EVERY DAY of our lives! I am overwhelmed right now… and so are my wife and kids!

Dream Big, Live Bold, and Make the Difference!


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3 thoughts on “A Moment of Pure Love!

  1. Pastor Chuck, Emily & family!!

    I am so very happy for you and the wonderful celebration of you that took place yesterday. I am thankful for you & I am not even a part of your congregation – I am not at all suprised that the people right there in your flock blessed you so much!! How very awesome! The prophecy was great to read – thanks for sharing – continue to walk your walk & talk your talk – God is raining down on you my brother!!

    Blessings on top of blessings!


    • Thanks Andrea, and Jonathan! I'm still so blown away at the beauty of this moment. It does speak volumes for the people of Destiny… they are beautiful human beings! So are you guys and all the rest of the people in this blog tribe! Love you all…