The 2 Glories: Youthful Strength & Aged Experience!

Happy Tuesday! Running late this morning, suffering the delays that come when two very busy people share one vehicle! One of these days, I will have my own car again! Until those days, I will rejoice in all circumstances! (smile) My lovely wife Emily… she recited Proverbs 20 while I was driving her to work […]

God is Great, God is Great, God is Great!

Happy Sunday! Animated with anticipation It’s early, I’m here in my office (my usual early morning routine), praying over my notes for this mornings service @ Destiny Family Center… animated with anticipation! Life has never been this good for me! Soaring high Sure, there are a few situations I would fix right now if I […]

Strength For The Exhausted People!

Happy Saturday! Make Me A Legend Update This week… I wrote my query letter! (a book teaser required by most publishers) I finished my introduction and acknowledgements! Started working on my “about the author” segment, and started working on a “chapters summary” (my two sentence teaser for each chapter… also required by most publishers) I […]

Encouragement 4 New Christians!

Happy Thursday! Facebook message from a new Christian This morning, I received a facebook message from a young adult who recently committed his life to Christ during one of our Destiny Family Center Sunday morning services. He told me, he was coming to church this Sunday, but that he’s been struggling since his conversion… got […]

Jesus Really Cares!

the Donate link Happy Monday! Had a super weekend. Hope you did too! Great Saturday with my amazing wife! Had some family in from Richmond both days! Enjoyed a lovely Sunday… church was unreal, 3 people came to Christ, everyone set on fire!! Relaxed in the afternoon… watched the golf Masters tournament, the most golf I’ve […]

Sunday Journal: The Destiny YouTube Channel/ Favor

Happy Sunday! We started the destinyfamilycenter youtube channel! Here’s an old video from the 2008 Washington DC homeless outreach! httpv:// Ok, so I’m not writing a big blog today… because I’ve written more information this week than any normal person can process in 7 days. Really, you should consider taking the time to read back […]