(Video) Heaven’s 16 Scoop Ice Cream Cone!

Happy Thursday!

Feeling pretty sad about my dear Emily, having to work @ Kohls from 5:30am till 4:30pm today. She has to be the worse morning person I’ve ever known! Really, I must do something about this SOON. God be with Emily today, please give her strength… and a happy HEART and smiley FACE all day long!

Last night after church, my daughter Heaven and I went to Baskin Robins, for their 31 cents per scoop promotional! As you can imagine, my hyper Heaven ordered a 16 scoop waffle cone! The Baskin Robins employees said it was the biggest waffle cone they’ve ever made! People were whippin out their cell phones and taking pictures, and making weird sounds, and cheering her on like she was competing for gold in the world Olympics!

She actually downed about 9 scoops before we phoned up an ambulance! What a disgusting PIG, Heaven Balsamo! lol

You guys can check out the facebook thread from the photo we posted last night… the last time I checked, there were something like 30 (hilarious) comments!

Here’s the video we made from that memorable late night ice cream run! Warning: this video may cause excessive salivation! haha


That’s it for today… nothing super spiritual, just something to make you smile! If you were hoping for a spiritual message, please enjoy the 528 blog archive! Use the search feature… and find the exact message for your moment! I love you all…

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6 thoughts on “(Video) Heaven’s 16 Scoop Ice Cream Cone!

  1. Mine too Danae! I had 5 scoops though, and I was in PAIN! Can't imagine how Heaven felt!!! Mel and Emily… LOL! Thanks for the filming compliment Emily! I had fun making that video!! : )