Can I Pray For You Today?

Happy Wednesday!

I’m spending alot of time praying today. Leave your three biggest requests, and I promise I’ll pray for you today. Love you all…

“Wishing will never be a substitute for prayer.” Ed Cole

“Men may spurn our appeals, reject our message, oppose our arguments, despise our persons, but they are helpless against our prayers.” Sidlow Baxter

“Talking to men for God is a great thing, but talking to God for men is greater still.” E.M. Bounds

“Satan trembles when he sees the weakest Christian on his knees.” William Cowper

“Seven days without prayer makes one weak.”  Allen E. Vartlett

“There is not in the world a kind of life more sweet and delightful than that of a continual conversation with God.” Brother Lawrence

“I would rather teach one man to pray than ten men to preach.”  Charles Spurgeon

“Prayer breaks all bars, dissolves all chains, opens all prisons, and widens all straits by which God’s saints have been held.”  E. M. Bounds

“No learning can make up for the failure to pray. No earnestness, no diligence, no study, no gifts will supply its lack.” E.M. Bounds

“The greatest thing anyone can do for God or man is pray.” S.D. Gordon




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13 thoughts on “Can I Pray For You Today?

  1. Dude I will take prayer anytime I can get it! Thank you so much for taking the time to do this.

    1.A more intimate relationship with God, that he wouldnt just be God that he would be Dad.

    2.That God would teach me how to truely worship in spirit and in truth, that when I woship He would show me how to do it with everything that I am.

    3.Spiritual Wisdom

    Thanks again….Kyle

  2. Thanks Pastor! You are always a Beacon of LIGHT and "HOPE GIVER" to everyone who is in your PATH whether that path is physical, spiritual, Live FEED, or Archived, Digital, Analog, WI-FI or Fiber Optic…. or any other creative way God sees fit to put you out there!

    My prayer requests- Please continue to pray for the things I have asked you to pray for this past week.

    Today especially. It was not starting out well for this person.

    Thank you! We love you and I'm praying for you too!

  3. Wow! You dont know how much I appreciate prayer. Thanks!

    1) That God would put me in another job on daylight

    2) That God would change my entire life starting with my heart.

    3) That God will give me direction.

    and Kristin's are:

    1) We can quit our part time job.

    2) God's favor over life and current endevours.

    3) That God would speak to her.

    Aside from Spirit, Soul, and Body, what can we pray for you for?

  4. Pastor Chuck! Just wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed this past Sundays message. It made me feel like there’s going to be a revolution and it was talked about at our Monday night bible study. Also wanted to let you know I have to work until close tonight for Domino’s so I’ll be missing some John Maxwell. Have fun! 🙂

  5. I can definitely use prayer for:

    1.) Finances

    2.) Direction in some areas

    3.) Personal

    If it be His will, may he give us the conforts we desire. If not, may he give us the strength to resign ourselves to His most wise and determinate counsel.

  6. hey Chuck just wanted to say thanks for opening a new door for me.I have always believed but never felt the SPIRIT before I started going to DFC. Now I cant can’t get enough and I want more. My prayer requests are Wisdom to make the right choices in life, and that I constanly feel the HOLY SPIRIT, and that I move in the direction that GOD has planned for me.


  7. Its 12:29pm… and Im praying for you guys again. Hope your dreams are coming true right in front of your beautiful eyes! Have a peaceful day friends! : )

  8. In all the years and different churches I have attended, this is the first time my pastor has let the church know he was spending a day in prayer and specifically asked for my prayer requests! How blessed I am that God placed Caroline in my path ever so briefly five years ago and that she asked me to attend DFC with her. I think Jake stated it perfectly “Wow!!”
    Here goes…
    pray for complete healing for Alan, spiritually, emotionally and physically. pray for TOTAL restoration of our marriage so that we may serve God together. And last, pray for me that I will wait patiently for God to move in our lives and wisdom to know when and what to say, and ears to hear when He speaks to me.
    I am praying for you too!

  9. Awesome! For myself spiritual direction. Job direction and open doors of favor in finances concerning job or a new thing. For my husband to go to daylight and be home every evening.Break thru in finances and jobs for my kids. Faith for the journey for all my kids and daily downloads from God to each one. And for all of us More of God in us

  10. These requests are further evidence of the spiritual maturity I CONTINUALLY see in this tribe! You guys are BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE! God, thank you for letting me have friends like this! God bless you all… I am praying several times today over each of these requests… I hope you all feel the difference!! : )

  11. Hi Pastor Chuck! Like others before me, I say WOW and THANK YOU! I ask that you pray for my family, that we continue to grow spiritually, coming closer to God daily; that my sons, Jeff, Nick and Pres continue to grow in stature and in favor with the Lord and with man; and for me, self control and perserverance to demolish negative strongholds and build positive ones. Thank you for caring. We are praying for you and your family too! 🙂

  12. Cindi, you have an AMAZING family… praying for you guys… and for all of these other requests again this morning!!

    Thank you everyone, for having the confidence to comment… when I look at some of the greatest blog sites on earth, they are not getting the amount of comments we get some days. This tribe is ACTIVE… and thats why benefit from it so much! God bless you all!! : )

  13. Randy and I pray that you continue fulfilling God's plans for you and that you continue get strength from Him when things seem too much. We thank God for you and for always praying for us.