(Excerpt) Chapter 3: The Legend Begins!

Happy Saturday!

Editing has to be one of the most difficult TRIALS I’ve ever gone through. (lol) Really, it’s painful! Even with a great editing team, there is still so much work required from the author. I have to admit, I figured I would just send the book to my editing team and they would wave their magic wand over the manuscript… and spit out a literary perfect version in a few weeks.

Here’s the way it REALLY happens:

  1. Megan Doyle gets the book from me and performs a detailed grammar edit.
  2. Then she sends it to Marcus Maranto for a literary edit, where he concentrates more on concept.
  3. Then Marcus sends each chapter back to me with a few hundred notes for my consideration.
  4. Then I have to go through EVERY note and decide if I want to accept or decline suggestions…
  5. And I have to rework every sentence and paragraph accordingly, sometimes rewriting entire pages!
  6. Then I have to send it back to Marcus for his final edit and he send it back to me for mine.
  7. Then there is REFERENCING! The most grueling word in editing! Thank God, I only have two chapters heavy with references. The rest of the book is a splash of my wild theories, journals, confessions, adventures, visions, teachings, etc.!

Here’s a section I reworked from Chapter 3 yesterday. It still needs to go back to Marcus, so please don’t grade me yet!

Chapter 3: The Legend Begins

Seventh page: subtitle: The Desire To Inspire

I have an outrageous desire to inspire people! Every single morning I roll over, smack my gorgeous wife a great big kiss on her sexy little snout, and I parachute confidently from our high-rise bed. In the still dark hours of each new day, I speed into my prayer room with electrifying levels of creativity!

Without even a drop of caffeine in my hyped up body, my youthful fingers shake at the knuckles every time they charge onto the platform of this handsome aluminum MacBook Pro. As I splash my messages onto the pages of my daily blog and onto the paragraphs of this book, I see visions of all those restless persons scattered across the earth waiting to be stirred. I feel them grabbing for my ankles from the dark places, and so I press on vigorously against the revolving wheels of old father time to inspire them all!

Follow my lead! Borrow my eyes and live in my visions for just a day or two. Ah, if you could only see what I’m seeing, you would burst into flames with me. And the longer you and I continue on this epic quest together, the hotter you will burn. These kinds of writings are highly flammable! You may be tempted several times to turn away and run. Before you do this, please tell me, how many more of these promising years are you willing to let pass you by, waiting around for someone or something to wake you up? I’m positive that any reader can wake up now—right here, in this book!

Year ago, when I first started seeing my vision of tomorrows better world, I also saw there were not very many legends in the race yet. Have you noticed this yet? Maybe it’s because you and I are just now pioneering tomorrow’s better world! Think about this. You don’t really think we just happened into each other, do you? No way.

I’m guessing you have the heart and spirit of a forerunner on you, just as I do. This connection between us was destined to happen! All my prayer comrades and I commissioned this book to search for people just like you. It is the golden ticket to your greatest adventure. Make Me A Legend is a Legend-hood For Dummies manual. Not that I’m calling anyone a dummy. But we’re just a whole lot more needful of new information than we realize. We have so much to learn and so little time to learn it, so sit up straight (please) and keep on reading!

Varooom! I love writing! I love inspiring people! Every cell in my body yearns to make the difference! To think, we’re gonna end up with something like 280 book pages of THAT… people are going to have a BLAST reading this book! Something BIG is GOING to happen for people! I can’t even fathom it all from this lowly vantage point!

Please keep praying for us. Megan and Marcus are flying through the manuscript… and I’m moving at a pace of 4-6 hours per chapter! Multiply that by SEVENTEEN chapters, plus REFERENCING… and I want to cry out loud. But it’s an education, and God is going to give me patience EVENTUALLY!!! LOL

Still, the goal is to have the editing wrapped up by mid June, so Make Me A Legend can go to a TOP PUBLISHER… and make it to the world by fall! Please pray for us when you think about it! Love you all…

I have a charity golf tournament this morning, birthday party after that, graduation party after that… hopefully some editing in between and before I go to bed… then an AMAZING church service at DFC tomorrow at 10am… then our Memorial Day picnic @ DFC after the service! Happy memorial weekend everyone… hope you’re all having a BEAUTIFUL TIME!

Dream Big, Live Bold, and Make the Difference!


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4 thoughts on “(Excerpt) Chapter 3: The Legend Begins!

  1. Good morning Chuck!I CAN’T WAIT TO READ THIS BOOK! I FEEL YOUR EXCITEMENT AND I just would like to grab A Little piece of it! Don’t think my heart could take more then that…. ; ) So hurry, get it finished and get ready for the ride of your life! From one of your biggest fans

  2. Wow Pastor I could actually FEEL the emotion inside that writing, behind your passion! I believe it is because God has aligned our family with yours and DFC and also I feel what you are expressing about your writing but I feel it for my photos. I love to bless people with God’s beauty that surrounds us all that they just pass by on a daily basis and miss the moment.

    God has blessed with me and my whole family with that ability and eye to see those moments with the emotion it cares and capture it forever on paper. A view through a different lens so to say.

    Maybe we will publish books in pictures!

    You inspire me so much in so many ways not only just with your knowledge of the WORD but with your passion and drive too. I get so much inspiration from your sermons on Sundays, so many ideas for my photos actually. I attach scripture with my photography and most of the time some you will say will match EXACTLY what I NEED for a photo I have had in my collection or I have recently taken and I am waiting on God to give me a matching WORD for it! Pretty awesome, huh?

    Thank you for all you do! Have a great weekend and I will see you later today!

  3. Wow….now I know who to go to when I need help with my dissertation. I start my PhD courses in August.

    Thank you for your faithfulness Megan and Marcus to help Chuck get this book perfect.