Raving Enthusiasts: Give Me Some & Make Me One!

Happy Friday! Something beautiful happened in my home this morning. At 5am, my entire family was AWAKE and being productive! All the lights were on in the house, everyone was smiling and excitable! Heaven threw on her workout clothes and met up with our friend Theresa Moore for a 6am walk! Emily and I threw […]

Trial and Error vs. On Purpose, Accelerated Success!

Happy Thursday! Yesterday started with me blogging @ 4:30am, seminar (2 hours away) from 8am-5pm, made it back @ 7pm to teach @ Destiny Family Center: taught from John Maxwell’s 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership: covered theLaw of Connection and the Law of The Inner Circle… finally, sat on my couch at 9:30pm with a MUCH […]

Get Motivated Seminar!

Happy Wednesday Everyone! I’m leaving in 15 minutes for the Get Motivated Seminar in Richmond! Check out the website for this event: Get Motivated Here is one of their seminar introductions! See what I mean!! httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yfwWMrgrkSI Ok everyone, I’m never gonna be the same! If you’ve benefited from the old super duper Chuck, just wait […]

Ordering Your Chaos!

Happy Tuesday! Suffering From Chaos Yesterday was one of the worse Mondays of my life. The middle of the day was great, and so was the $1 Big Mac Party with my family. Everything before and after those fleeting moments, was utterly hellacious! I actually started to cry this morning when I talked to God, […]

The Difference Between Auditoriums and Sanctuaries!

Happy Monday! Today, I decided to write my blog from the sanctuary at Destiny Family Center. Because it was raining, I had Emily drop me off under the overhang, and I walked into the building through the front entrance… and as I started to enter my office from the foyer, I felt a strong urge […]

Men Who Sing in Prison Will Not Be Left in Prison!

Happy Sunday! Just a few minutes ago, I received a LIVELY email from one of my Pastor friends, Chris Whetzel. He and his lovely wife lead a phenomenal church they founded 10 years ago in Moorefield, West Virginia: Believers Victory Center! Chris is a preaching machine! Here’s the text from his email to me… Thought […]

The Richness of Real Time Coaching!

Happy Saturday! Yesterday was a day of meetings and conflicts. Everything turned out VERY well, and I wasn’t stressed about ANY of the outcomes. How bizarre for me! Wait a minute, what’s happened to the old fearful, non confrontational Chuck Balsamo, Jr? Is this really happening? Is God answering all of my pleas for courage? […]

Magnetism: Who You Are is What You Attract!

Happy Friday Everyone! : :Journal Tonight, we’re going to a special dinner @ the Joshua Wilton House of Harrisonburg… it’s for Heaven Ashlee Balsamo’s high school graduation dinner, hosted by her school! It’ll be a very fun time with my daughters Principle, the schools founder, and the rest of the schools exceptional administration! We’re all looking […]

Youthful Relevance and Spiritual Maturity!

Happy Wednesday! For todays blog, I’m going to write about the marriage between youthful relevance and spiritual maturity. To prep for this message, please look at my saturday blog: Eric Whitacre’s 12 Country Virtual Choir! I wrote about the genius who created a virtual choir… using 185 voices from 12 countries. It’s definitely one of the […]