Solving The BP Oil Crisis!

Happy Memorial Day!

I wrote a very powerful (Memorial Day weekend) blog yesterday, hope you get a chance to check it out if you haven’t already: The Necessity of War. Oh, and don’t miss out on the Saturday blog either: (Excerpt) Chapter 3: The Legend Begins! Heck of a blogging weekend!

Had an amazing Sunday: a-ma-ZING!

Another epic church service @ Destiny Family Center! Aaron Huffer led an unbelievable worship set with Greg Baker (drums), Robby Widener (guitar), Brian Law (bass guitar), Brittany Wade and Caroline Law (singers). My message felt like an international statement! People were BUZZING with smiles and laughter and spiritual excitement! Then, we had a HUGE picnic afterwards! Hung out with my beautiful wife and daughter for the evening… good times!

This morning, Emily had to work at Kohl’s (big frown), so I drove her to work and now I’m blogging from the Waynesboro McDonald’s! After this, I’m driving to the Blue Ridge Parkway to edit a chapter of my book, then I’ll pick her up at 11:30… and then we’ll do something FUN with Coree & Heaven later on!

I have a SOLUTION for the BP Oil Spill! You guys want to hear my idea? Emily laughed at me! Ok… so, here’s what I’m thinking:

They need to create a coupling that will fit over the top of the existing pipe–with an extended section of piping already connected to the coupling… and at the other end of the extra piping, they can have a SHUT OFF VALVE already connected. Are you guys following me?

With my proposed SOLUTION, the coupling will install without hesitation BECAUSE there will be NO INITIAL RESISTANCE to the oil flow. Then, once they get the coupling installed, they can TIGHTEN it to the existing pipe (because of my coupling SEAL). Then, once the coupling is attached, they can CLOSE THE VALVE!

As I’m writing this blog, Fox News is playing in the background… and I just heard that BP is taking IDEAS on their website!! Guess what I’m going to do right now? Take that Emily! I’m going to save the world despite your negative energy! LOL

Wshewww, I’m exhausted now you guys! Solving a world crisis really zaps the life out of a person! (chuckling out loud)

Humiliating Update: I just heard a Fox News interview with a few BP engineers, and this is pretty much what they are planning to do next! Oh well, just a few days earlier and I would have been a world hero! This is going to work!

Ok, don’t forget to read yesterdays blog… and take some time to REMEMBER the men and women who gave their lives for you and me! Have a very happy Memorial Day!

I just finished praying for you… wishing you a most triumphant day! Love you all…

Dream Big, Live Bold, and Make the Difference!


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3 thoughts on “Solving The BP Oil Crisis!

  1. Oh wow! Sounded like an awesome idea and as I was reading it to Bo I was a bit disappointed (in a way) – good that they figured it out but bummed that you didn’t get to submit the idea!

    I told Bo wouldn’t that be awesome if NIBCO, right here in Stuarts Draft could make that giant coupling? That sure would solve the problem of that plant being slow right now! Bo said he wasn’t too sure that copper would be the metal of choice down there though because of the pressure but great ideas!

    Well, off to help my hubbie with our garden. It’s a beautiful day in my neighborhood!! Have a fun day everyone !

  2. Okay Chuck now think of another idea since of none of them that BP has come with or tried are working. What’s next?