The Six Prime Elements of Burn Out!

Happy Tuesday!

Had a terrific lead team meeting on my patio last night. I’m thanking God this morning for all of the QUALITY men and women I’m privileged to lead with! The law of magnetism says: what you are is who you attract! If the people I’m attracting these days are any indication of WHAT I AM, then I am becoming a BEAUTIFUL HUMAN BEING!

I know were making so many steps in the right direction… and our current momentum is a force to be reckoned with. Still, there are moments when I wonder if I personally have what it takes to finish the race.

I’ve been walking through a very dark emotional valley these past few weeks. I hate it when this happens. For me, there are 6 prime elements of burn out.

  1. Dissonance: lack of agreement, consistency, or harmony; conflict. (Between my dreams and my realities!)
  2. Chaos: a condition or place of great disorder or confusion. A disorderly mass; a jumble. (The lack of proper systems in place to handle the epic level of responsibility I’ve taken on.)
  3. Pressure: the act of pressing, the condition of being pressed. An urgent claim or demand. An oppressive condition of physical, mental, social, or economic distress. (I’m double and triple booked without the realistic hope of relief.)
  4. Condemnation: the act of condemning–the expression of strong disapproval, judged or declared to be unfit. (I wake up every day under the condemnations of unsatisfied “costumers.” No matter how dedicated I am. No matter how much of my life is sacrificed. There is always a line of people expressing strong disapproval, judging and declaring me unfit.)
  5. Exhaustion: the state of being exhausted; extreme fatigue. (I’m never able to rest. Dissonance, chaos, pressure, and condemnation… they are always with me… even when I am praying, or running, or eating, or hanging out with my family… even when I am sleeping.)
  6. Miserable Physicians: people who insult their suffering friends by lecturing instead of praying and encouraging. (I have found that sometimes, life gets so complex that there is not another person in all the world who is able to improve the situation with councel. Job was in such a situation… and his friends came to help with their spiritual lectures, and they told Job everything that Job had already been telling himself… and they acted like they could handle Jobs pressure so much better if they were in his shoes. Job called them his miserable physicians.)

In today’s world, I bet there are so many people walking through dark emotional valleys like I’ve mentioned. This is why we need to pray for each other and encourage each other, more often than we do. Most of the time, when people are suffering… they already have a very good idea about the steps they need to take to get back up on the mountain. We can REALLY HELP BEST by lending a smile, a prayer, and a heartfelt message of encouragement.

I hope today’s blog creates a huge awareness to the sufferings of your family and friends. I hope you’re all inspired to make the difference when you can! For those who are in the valley today… I’m praying for you with all my heart, confident that YOU WILL CLIMB OUT OF IT SOON… that God will reach down and PLACE YOU ON THE MOUNTAIN TOP AGAIN! Thanks for reading… I love you all!

Dream Big, Live Bold, and Make the Difference!


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7 thoughts on “The Six Prime Elements of Burn Out!

  1. As a Pastor’s kid, I know exactly what you are addressing in this blog. I know the “behind the scenes” stuff that most people have no idea about. Most people think the following things about Pastors:
    They don’t need sleep
    They should be “ready to serve” 24/7
    They should be doing something all the time
    They should not make mistakes
    They should accomodate everyone (complaisant)
    They should never admit how tired or worn out they are
    They should always be “dressed like a Pastor should dress”
    Come to every function to which he and his family are invited, even 2 at the SAME time
    Blah, blah, blah, blah…..(or, baa, baa, baa of discontented sheep)

    All these are unrealistic expectations of ANYONE! None of us can go on at this pace! We would all surely burn out! Why do we expect this of our Pastors? If more people would step up to the calling God has put on their lives, the Pastors wouldn’t be so stressed! There is one Pastor, but many members. The many members have to start filling in all the roles a Pastor is expected to fill, or else the effectiveness of said Pastor is going to be lessened because that Pastor will soon become “human” again and need some chill time before his body just gives out from sheer exhaustion! If we want to come to church expecting a refreshed Pstor, ready to impart wisdom and God’s word to us, we should take steps to allow that Pastor personal time to rest, relax and spend time with his family! EVEN GOD RESTED!

  2. I just wanted to send a little encouragement! God is using you so incredibly right now in so many peoples lives, mine especially. I believe with all my heart that God is going to develop a movement in the US and that we are going to be a part of it! I was talking to a friend of mine last night that attend another church in the area, he happens to follow your sermons and some of the other pastors in the area. He feels the same way about God stirring up a movement in his people and is worried that many churches in the area will miss it. He told me he thought if there is one place it would be taught and received it is at Destiny through you! God is using you to change my life. You’re doing the right thing. I love you man!

  3. If you could interview David (the man after God’s own heart) He would tell you For every high there is a low and for every low there is a high. BUT…. Joy always comes in the morning!!!!! You and the rest of us here at DFC are in a process of becoming who we are called to be. We are being proved by fire and becoming instruments worthy of use. We cant allow the process of development to take us out because its the P R O C E S S that makes us who we will be.If you think of the caterpillar while its crawling around. Within every pore of its being is the need to fly. The caterpillar knows it was created to go higher and float around beauty. Pastor Chuck you see where we are meant to go and within your every pore is the desire to be there. That desire burns from within to draw us to our destiny. At times the drawing or luring can feel empty and discouarging. But its just part of the journey.
    Be encouraged Man Of God! You are leading us right to our destiny! Like jake I know God is up to something BIG! We will experience His Glory!!!!

  4. 🙂 I pray that like Job, when your dreams do become reality, that they come true double, triple even a hundred fold! I pray that all obstacles move and you recieve the peace of mind, comfort in spirit and the true rest you need. I want to encourage you and to assure you that I am a satisfied "customer". Like Brandy and Jake, God is using you to change my life for the better as well and for that and a thousand other things I am sincerely grateful to you!! Keep running the race! God rejoices over you with singing and we are cheering for you!! 🙂

  5. Pastor Chuck, the first thought that comes to my mind in reading this post is that we need to add this to the Thur night Prayer Team list of Answered Prayer requests and intercede for you with these 6 specific points you listed here.

    Personally, I feel you are already a “beautiful Human being” not that you need to wait to become one and I am sure I am not alone in that feeling!

    You.. finishing this race! YES, you will!! Do you really think God would have brought you this far to drop you now?

    You are changing the world daily! Imagine the impact your book will have! WOW! You know what the blog has done for people all over the world and it’s a few paragraphs (good ones I might add) but it doesn’t compare to how this book will impact the world!

    You are already reaching the world and changing it now, today! Our Sunday broadcasts are available worldwide!

    I’m praying for you as you pray for us. We love you and we love our church! Keep on keeping on but get your REST!

  6. I realized something today… how much each person in my circle really matters. I love how God expresses different things through different people… I cherish our diversity. I celebrate the beauty of each comment, every day on this blog site. Yesterday, reading your words was like breathing pure oxygen. You people are the salt of the earth… you're touching others with your love more than you'll ever know. Your words were so perfectly written… your character is so clearly visible… you love is sincere. Jobs trial wouldn't have lasted more than a few days if he had friends like you! God bless you all! : )

  7. Ive been here so many times…even in recent times. But im on my way out and have been for a week or two. It’s really encourgaing to know that other people understand the feeling. Usually the enemy comes and tries to tell us that we are the only ones that feel like that. Its comforting to know that we all go through it. On different levels and degrees of course, but we all go through it. Awesome blog.