To Know Your Name!

Happy Wednesday! It’s my birthday eve! Tomorrow is my birthday! The only two things I really want are an Iphone 4G and a Sony 60″ BRAVIA LX900 Series 3D HDTV. LOL, I am just kidding Emily! Really, I already have everything I want! Love, from the most beautiful family and friends on earth… and especially […]

Will You Be The Doctor?

Happy Tuesday! If you read yesterdays blog, then you know about the passing of my dear friend, Pastor Glenden Berg. Yesterday afternoon, I was contacted by Carolyn Berg (Glenden’s wife) about doing the service… and I proudly accepted her invitation. Please pray for me, that I will perfectly memorialize the life of this special man. […]

Exchanges Of Love/The Passing Of A Dear Friend

Happy Monday! Thank you Destiny Family Center, for that beautiful birthday party! There are two things I cherish in life: giving love (especially when it is appreciated), and receiving love (especially when it’s heartfelt). Life isn’t always perfect. In fact, it seldom is. But when we learn to focus on our exchanges of love, life […]

Waking Myself Up! =)

Happy Sunday! Wooosh, I’m tired this morning. Big urge to sleep another few hours, but I’m going to push through this… and have a phenomenal day! Here’s a great wake up worship song! Read the lyrics first… this is exactly how I feel about Jesus today! So In Love With You! (Planet Shakers) God I’ve […]

Relaxing All Day Long! =)

Happy Saturday! Had some fresh fruit for breakfast, just finished a nice 6 mile run/walk… my first day all year with absolutely nothing scheduled! I do still have to spend a few hours putting the finishing touches on tomorrows sermon: Favored-Leverage Your Influence! (this message is already epic!) Besides that, I’m planning to relax all […]

Mild, Medium, Hot, or Blazin’?

Happy Friday! Prayer meeting at DFC was very powerful last night. It feels like a new spiritual fire is sparking in our church. It’s always amazing to me how God lets His people live as close or far away from Him as we chose. Just like the church sign we’ve all read, “Feeling Far Away […]

Leverage Your Influence!

Happy Thursday Everyone! Last night was so much fun @ Destiny Family Center! We finished the 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership… powerful moment for everyone! God bless John Maxwell and his family. They’ve given so much to so many people around the world! God also bless all of the people who committed to this teaching […]

Earning Your Keep In A Deadbeat World

Happy Wednesday! Thank you Jonathan Woodard for upgrading my blog site to the latest wordpress version. Over the next few weeks we’re going to upgrade our blog theme and add some new features! Isn’t this exciting? I think so too! Yesterday, I explained the writers block we we’re experiencing with the edit of my book. […]


Happy Tuesday Everyone! As you know, we’ve been editing Make Me A Legend for the past 5-6 weeks. I’m exhausted, Marcus is exhausted, Megan seems to be ok at the moment… this has been a very difficult process. It reminds me of so many other long and grueling tasks and situations we all face at […]