Dear Journal: My Thoughts & Prayers 4 The Christian Church!

Happy Monday!

Dear Journal… I’m in my office this morning, praying for a wide range of people and situations. My main prayer is that God will give me great wisdom to make the right decisions on all matters pertinent to his kingdom… specifically in the areas where He has delegated His authority to me. I want my words and actions to come from a correct interpretation of Biblical truth and not just from my feelings… definitely not from my feelings dressed up as His Holy Spirit.

When I make moves… big moves and little moves… I want to make the right moves as often as possible.

Being a Pastor gives me tremendous responsibility. Today, I chose to take this responsibility more serious than ever before. I believe that God wants to raise up our church family, all church families, and all Christians… as bright lights shining in this gross dark world. God has always accomplished His purposes through many different kinds of people and methods. I cherish our diversity.

Change is always happening inside the church. We are a living organism. When new ideas are presented, we have to pray about them and take the necessary time to process everything through scripture. I’ve found that in every new idea (good and bad), there is an opportunity for the church to locate gaps and repair them.

Despite our many needs for renewal, I believe that God wants His children to hold the standard flag we’ve been handed down from our forefathers… and not give up any more ground that we’ve already given up. In an hour when more and more people are doing what they feel the Holy Spirit is leading them to do even when this violates foundational truth… I want God to protect me (and everyone I know) from dangerous fads.

Whenever I become fearful that evil might prevail in matters of eternal significance, I’ll keep on running to God for peace and answers. I pray that God will use every situation, good and bad, to show me what I ought to be doing. When I feel threatened, I will always use the pressure to search my motives and methods… and I will demonstrate great resolve or make great adjustments depending on which is necessary.

I want our church family to become more unified than we’ve ever been before. I pray for this community of believers, that we will value commitment and loyalty to Gods Word, to our beautiful vision and to this loving church family at any cost.

I want our church to evangelize lost people… more than we’ve ever done before. I want us to bring thousands of lost people into a living relationship with Jesus Christ. I want us to disciple these new followers of Christ much more effectively that we’ve ever been able to do this in the past.

For me, the end goal is not to fill up my church building or fund the church budget. My highest goal is to influence the truest followers of Jesus… so many of them, that we light up the earth with the beauty of our Lord.

I want to see Christ fully deliver the people in our world, from every destructive thing. I want us to be far more effective at helping enslaved people break from drugs and alcohol. I want us to be far more effective at helping people break from the control of perverted spirits. I want us to bring health and vitality to every marriage and household. I want us to rescue the prodigal people of our community and world.

To do these things, I don’t feel like I need to depart from the traditional concept of church. I still believe in the high value of church government. I still believe in the high value of theological accountability. I still believe in the high value of Pastors and local congregations. I love the Church! I bless the Church! I bless the Pastors and Church Leaders throughout the world! I pray earnestly, that this 21st Century Church will stay clear of dangerous fads with modern spins on early church history. I pray also, that this 21st Century Church will also evaluate our many flaws and have the courage to refocus and rededicate to the Great Commission… to every single part of it!

Today, lets pray for Gods Church throughout the world. Look around your local community. Think about the Pastors and church leaders you know personally. Think about all of the Christian people in your circle from various church families. Think about the struggling churches and thriving churches, the big churches and little churches… from every denomination and non-denomination. Pray for them! Pray earnestly for Gods blessing on their lives and missions! Pray that they will have new courage, new faith, new peace, new strategies, and new passion! Pray for a new commitment to biblical doctrine, evangelizing the lost, discipling new believers, and influencing the entire world for Christ! Pray for unity, pray for awakening, pray and believe for the Churches finest hour!

Thats it for today. I just finished praying… wishing you all a most triumphant day! With much love…

Dream Big, Live Bold, and Make the Difference!


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7 thoughts on “Dear Journal: My Thoughts & Prayers 4 The Christian Church!

  1. Perfectly written and I'm in total agreement! You keep on keeping Man of God!

    Personally, what I feel the "church" as a body of believers need to focus on is the bible and bible believing, bible teaching church services. What I feel has polluted the minds is too many sources of info with too many opinions that can sway people to believe things that may or may not be all truth.

    Now days, there is podcasts, blogs, websites, etc. To which ANYONE can post their views and opinions and who really knows where they are getting their doctrine? They can write a bio saying they are such and such from wherever but??? test all and know…..

    It goes back to basics. We ALL need to train up our children and each other in the WORD of God to know the truth.

    I worked in banking for over 15 years. New money was created all the time. New looks of bills, new ways of spotting counterfeit, etc. We were trained extensively to spot a fake. Not only to spot a fake bill but we were trained over and over to spot a criminal in all sorts of schemes! Recognize a scam! It's drilled in my chemical make-up.

    I know a fake bill by touching it. I don't even have to see it! Why? Because I know the real thing so well that I don't have to study and compare and wonder which one is real. We all should study and know the word of God so well that when these new fads come along and people try to tell us we are wrong, it's just like holding the old money and the new money. You KNOW that you KNOW!

    In training for counterfeits and criminal behaviors we didn't learn all the "NEW" fads, "NEW" papers, "NEW" techniques for what and how people were trying to scam us. We KNEW the facts, we knew the right behaviors, we knew how things should be and when something went "amiss" we knew it was OFF! We were ALWAYS on ALERT!

    It's actually quite easy to spot a criminal when you are trained properly AND you are NOT DISTRACTED!

    Hope this all made sense to you guys. Basically, Know your word and know it well! Careful who you choose to listen to and watch and learn from.

  2. I agree! Vickie that was an awesome comment! This is so true. I have talked with so many people who talk about wanting to study deeply into other religions and why they believe what they believe. While it is good to have an overall knowledge of what is out there I have many times explained that for me I don't need to know every last detail about a satanic ritual to know that it is wrong. I will not spend hours upon hours researching something that will bear no fruit! I want to focus on learning all I can about the word of God, gaining new revelation and drawing closer to Him.

  3. Thanks Pastor and Elaine that is exactly my point. Why know and understand the counterfeit when we just need to know the truth and then the counterfeit will be revealed loud and clear. I'm glad it made sense.

  4. This blog is very real. But very unfortunate. Because God desires unity among his people. And yet it seems that unity is far from the reality. I know this to be true from my experiences. So many claim to be hearing God's voice, but that voice leads them to isolation from fellow believers who love the Lord and seek to do his will. Not all cases are this way but speaking from my personal experiences i can tell you this happens way to often. And why? Because of things such as speaking in tongues, laying on of hands and here's my favorite people claim to now be spiritual not religious. And for those who are religious, well they are simply boring! Not wanting to dance! Not wanting to shout! I mean who wants to sit anymore:)Wow! I've also been told this that Robert I know what the word says, BUT God spoke to me and said otherwise! And i always say this that God's rhema word will ALWAYS line up with his Logos word! And if it doesn't,IT'S NOT FROM GOD! The spiritual man is like the wind someone once told me(this is scripture John3)which allowed them to do things which wasn't doctrine based(this is not scripture). Amazing right! So structure is very much needed!"On Christ the solid rock I stand, all other ground is sinking sand!" That's right i'm singing now:)

    Chuck I am running with you now mighty man of God! And am praying along with you for our brothers and sisters in Christ and DFC. God sits on the throne and the victory has already been given to his called out ones! But we must endure to the end. It's very hard at times for me so I know for you being in a pastoral position it's that much harder. The same way you believe in me and your loving flock at DFC I BELIEVE IN YOU!!! God is able!