Earning Your Keep In A Deadbeat World

Happy Wednesday!

Thank you Jonathan Woodard for upgrading my blog site to the latest wordpress version. Over the next few weeks we’re going to upgrade our blog theme and add some new features! Isn’t this exciting? I think so too!

Yesterday, I explained the writers block we we’re experiencing with the edit of my book. I asked for prayer… and you guys must have prayed, because I feel 100% better today!

The breakthrough came yesterday late morning & afternoon… and I finally completed my work on the chapter 7 edit! Now on to the rest of the book. My goal is to finish through chapter 10 before leaving for vacation. Then I’ll finish two more chapters on vacation and wrap up the final five chapters by the third week of July! Then off to the publisher! And still reach my goal of a fall distribution! Please pray that we will achieve these goals and finally send this message around the earth!

Here’s something I worked on yesterday: It’s the opening segment from chapter 7: Earn Your Keep

Ever Heard About The Deadbeat Epidemic?

It’s a front-page story and it’s fast becoming a large-scale, countrywide crisis! Deadbeat dads, moms, and kids, deadbeat workers and bosses, deadbeat politicians, deadbeat Americans and Europeans—deadbeat people! Every one of us has a few friends with DB. Some of us may even have it ourselves and not know it yet. Hurry up, cover your mouth and disinfect your hands! Put on a yellow mask and a pair of rubber gloves. It’s spreading!

Certain mutant strains of this virus have already become resistant to all known forms of vaccination; nothing seems to effectively knock it out. Initial symptoms include: an exaggerated longing for rest, a lost desire for work, an inability to get off the couch, and a decreasing concern for the well being of one’s family, community, church, and country. This merciless malady doesn’t always trigger a premature fatality. Even worse, DB massacres ambition, rendering its victims useless! People infected with a full-blown case of DB face the ultimate danger of mutating into zombified carcasses of liability to our society!

As for me and my family, we would prefer to die a bloody death at the front lines of the hottest battles of our day, than to live in the false comforts of self-preservation! God forbid that any one of us should even slightly deviate from our dreams! God forbid that we should drag out our days knowing that our lives matter for no cause beyond our own survival. I cannot bear the thought of scrounging off of anyone else’s hard work for even a single day, without putting back something far more valuable in the days that follow. No, instead I pray in earnest that God will expend every last ounce of us Balsamos—that He will feed a hundred nations and many generations with the great quantity of plunder acquired at our calloused hands.

Naturally, there are times when we all need to live on the efforts of others—while recovering from a serious injury, just after the sudden loss of a job, or during some other category-five catastrophe. During these hard times, we should never feel guilty for accepting a few handouts. Instead we should thank God for the blessing of friends, families, and charities, and pay special attention to the way it feels to be loved by others. Then, right after recovery, we should emerge with newfound compassion to make a bigger and more lasting difference in our world!

Tonight, I’m teaching @ Destiny Family Center about the final two laws from John Maxwells book: The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership.

  • The Law of Explosive Growth!
  • The Law of Legacy!

We start at 7pm, it’s gonna be FUN! Hope to see you here!

I just finished praying for you all… hoping you really feel the difference all day long! With much love…

Dream Big, Live Bold, and Make the Difference!


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2 thoughts on “Earning Your Keep In A Deadbeat World

  1. Wish I could be there 2nite but I have a side job to do. I'm trying to get some extra $ before our baby arrives. Another reason why I get side work is that I refuse to be a dead-beat. I was raised to work for stuff that I want, not sit around and wait for it to fall into my lap. I think that this is a HUGE problem in our country. It seems that nobody but a select few wants to get off their butt to do anything. Well thats it for now It's time to get back to WORK. Have a good day and GOD BLESS.