Relaxing All Day Long! =)

Happy Saturday!

Had some fresh fruit for breakfast, just finished a nice 6 mile run/walk… my first day all year with absolutely nothing scheduled! I do still have to spend a few hours putting the finishing touches on tomorrows sermon: Favored-Leverage Your Influence! (this message is already epic!) Besides that, I’m planning to relax all day long! (photo of our new Foxfire Lilly and the fish!)

Yes, you read that correctly. I’m going to rest my mind, spend some quality time with my amazing wife… life is good! My only problem is that I may have forgotten how to rest. I’m looking around the patio thinking about several little jobs that need my attention. I think about people I would like to visit and encourage. I still have 20 voice mails to return from this week. Yet, if I do not rest, my brain will pop.

Tomorrow, is my birthday party after church at the Waynesboro Park. We have the huge pavilion in the towering forest of oaks, beside the legacy garden… a river, playground, and pool! Can you feel my excitement?

That’s it for today… remember, I’m relaxing! Love you all…

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