100 Years From Today…

Happy Wednesday!

Looks like I’m driving to Virginia Beach this morning. Emily and I need to look at the college our son Coree hopes to attend this fall. He’s already enrolled at the Art Institute of Washington DC… and he wants to look at the Virginia Beach campus for a possible change (for the obvious reasons). At first, we were strongly opposed to this option. But after having many conversations with Coree and after looking further into the advantages of this campus, we’re now open to the possibility. Today, we’re touring the school and getting our questions answered for a final decision. Coree wants to open a web design company in a few years!

I’m so proud of Coree and Heaven! They both have a very clear vision of their future… at least until God swoops down and recruits them up for his eternal mission. It’s exciting to see them so excited to leave home and grow and learn and do something big with their lives. I know that God always calls active, motivated people. When I listen to them dream, it almost brings me to tears! God, please keep your hand on their lives! Guide them with your strong right hand.

At 39, I’m consumed always with thoughts and dreams of tomorrows better world. I’m living every day for the world I will leave as an inheritance to my kids… and yours. Here’s a great clip from my coming book on the subject…

Chapter 4: The Great Hope Of Tomorrow

One Hundred Years From Today…

Long after our last breath, a generation yet to live will look back on this critical hour. Hurry up! Catch my hand, and together we will run to the place I’ve been spending so much of my time lately. I’m asking you to imagine that we’ve been translated into the future. As you look around at the people, you can’t avoid noticing how their genetic features match yours, and you’re overtaken with the reality that these are your beloved descendants. For ten seconds, the sheer awe of this mystical experience leaves you panting. Tingling all over, you wipe your eyes to make sure you don’t miss anything; your curiosity has never been this out of control!

Not knowing how much longer this experience will last, your mind is engulfed with a few startling curiosities. Right now you must know, “What kind of world are my babies living in? Is it a better world, marinated in love and peace? Or is it an unstable one steeped in hatred and deep turmoil? Are they smiling or frowning? Are they laughing or crying? As they look back over their tiny little shoulders at you and me, are they gazing with gratitude or glaring in bitterness? Who are they admiring for their advantages? Who are they pointing fingers at for their privations?”

Have you ever given yourself a few hours to eyeball your future in this sort of way? One thing is for sure: your name may never find its way into their history books, but every move, even the slightest one, that you and I make during our short span of time here on earth is creating the world of tomorrow. Clearly, the cowardly bystanders are never held in remembrance. History consistently honors those selfless pioneers who voluntarily forward vast segments of their personal pleasure into their future—the heroes who live and labor for dreams they never even realize in their lifespan! These are the real champions of our civilization.

Don’t relax yet; because we still have one more stop on our way back to the present. From the future, let us now turn 180˚ and travel back in time, all the way into the awe-inspiring world of 1837. Truly this was a salient dash of time, sadly disregarded by our twenty-first-century populace. For more than 200 years, a legendary band of forerunners had been moving about the earth, contending for the 2.3 billion acres of terrain that would become one of the most illustrious nations to ever exist. How easy it would have been for those patriarchs to revel in their accumulated wealth and blessing, and deafen their ears to the piteous groans of their children and grandchildren to come. It would have been so natural for them to yield under the pressure of their fears and cower in the face of the unknown, to reach an awfully low sacrificial threshold, to offer up that which was convenient—and nothing more.

Fortunately, for the hundreds of millions of sons and daughters living and thriving in the United States of America today, there are scores of legends radiating from our sacred chronicles—beautiful legends, men and women who were far too noble to shove us out of their charitable hearts. We are the present legacy of these great legends. Because of us, and only because of us, they never would have tolerated themselves if they had not gone all the way, if they had sold away these future generations for their own personal fantasies. Look around, my friend. Look into the endless amenities we enjoy in this fairy tale country. Our legendary forefathers purchased America the beautiful at a premium so much more costly than any of us will ever know.

Just after the American Revolution and the War of 1812, and during the time of the Indian Wars, Jonathan Quincy Adams, the eighth president of the United States, sent a message echoing into his future. In 1837, while musing over the sacred bravery of his legendary contemporaries, he spoke to us with these impassioned words, “Posterity, you will never know how much it has cost my generation to preserve your freedom. I hope you will make good use of it!”

From the pure richness of this classic statement, it’s plain to see that President Adams wasn’t living for himself. He and his friends were dying for us. Oh, the warmth of their love gently blowing over my thankful soul. Some days, when I think about this long enough, real tears collect at the bottom of my eyes. I can almost hear them whispering in my ears, “Chuck Balsamo—hey, little guy, we are the legends who built your Eden. Even though we will never meet face to face, you need to know that we each carried a portrait of you in our right-front pockets. We held the dream of you deeply within our hearts, and even though it wasn’t easy at times, somehow we found a way to love you so much more than any of us loved ourselves. Please, don’t ever take this for granted; because if you do, it will all be gone.”

Every time I read quotes from people like President Adams and the hundreds of leaders and war heroes who forged my fatherland, something beautiful breaks open inside of me. To be such a young fellow, I’m uncommonly grateful to my predecessors for every blessing I enjoy. I am old enough to remember when schoolteachers still taught from the original version of our history. I still remember seeing God in the middle of our picture! I remember Him working brilliantly through so many highly religious American leaders! Our foundational stones were laid as biblical values were cemented together in Christian prayer! Despite recent efforts from the persuasive irreligious community to rewrite American history, our Christian heritage will never go away! No matter how decisively today’s humanistic society seeks to deny the God under whom we became one nation, they will never successfully eliminate the evidence of our Christian origin.

Like it or not, our honorable ancestors were never ashamed to openly and aggressively acknowledge the greatness that surged out of their profound relationship with God. Oh, the contrast between their words and actions, and those of the celebrity-leaders of our day. Where has these legends archetypal spirit gone? Where is that open and unashamed reliance on God they each modeled so impressively? Where is that old-fashioned honor and bravery, that selfless and sacrificial passion that ran through their legendary veins?

If you’re keen for a sobering check of reality, please hush for three minutes, mentally mute out your background, and listen to the silence you’ve created. What do you hear? Most people only notice the unpleasant sound of their impending personal problems. Yet, muffled behind the high volume of our twenty-first-century way of life, there is a muzzled protest reaching out for a listener. Sometimes for me it is very faint, while at other times it takes me over, deafening my heart to everything else. If you should ever hear this protest, you may never get it out of your head!

Who is protesting? What is the complaint? Listen a little more closely, and you will hear the upsetting lamentations of the departed—their blood is crying out to us from the past. Our forefathers are increasingly agitated, tossing and turning in their unsettled graves. They willingly poured out every last drop of their consecrated blood that we may take up the gauntlet and carry their visions into another generation. Without a doubt, their fading reverberation seeps up through the soil of time. “Is anybody out there? Kids, can you hear us? What are you doing with our precious sacrifices? How much longer will you turn your noses up at our gifts of love while squandering your inheritance on empty pursuits? Soon enough, you will be joining us. Posterity! Even though it seems like you’re going to live forever, your days are numbered. Very soon your time will be up, your brief episode in this cosmic saga will be over—and then what?”

That’s it for today. Please let me know what you think! I just finished praying for you all. Make this a most triumphant day! With much love…

Dream Big, Live Bold, and Make the Difference!


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4 thoughts on “100 Years From Today…

  1. did you see the Adams HBO series? It is riviting and makes you think a lot about how hard people worked and how much they sacrificed to make the US what it is today. I think there are times people are rolling over in their graves because of the lack of conviction we have in regards to what we believe and living for God. People are living for the moment and not concerned for their future, nor their eternal life. Not all people of course, but a huge part of people.

    People are too interested in their minute of fame rather than committing themselves to something that is meaningful and will make a difference in this world.

    I don't need to be a legend, I don't need a minute of fame, but I do long to serve my Lord and to have others know Him more and to see Him when they see me.

    • True Nuala, becoming a legend isn't about the fame, it's about leveraging your fame to build a better world.

      Sandra, please pray for my editors and pray for the successful completion of this editing process. Then, you will be able to read the book! Thank you so much for the enthusiasm!! : )

  2. Did you see the Adams HBO Series? Riviting.

    Praying that we will continue to realize the importance of not being stagnent.

  3. Chuck, you can't stop there!!! I need to read more… I am sitting on the edge of my seat. I can't wait to read this book!! You are part of this "Legacy of Legends.