Blasting Thru The Curses @ 4th Down & Inches 2 Go!

Happy Saturday!

This was a week of tremendous effectiveness, a week of unity, a week of love, a week of multiplication, a week of vision! On thursday night, we had the best prayer meeting of the year! It was delicious taste of heaven for everyone!

Tomorrows church service @ Destiny Family Center is going to be very powerful! Im preaching about blasting through the curses at 4th Down and Inches to go… to break into your blessing zone! Yes, it is positive, encouraging, and highly motivational… the kind of message that’ll expand your concept of God and make you want to ten times your future! So, shut up bottom dwellers; I already know how you feel about this kind of message and I’m preaching it anyway! (lol) Dear God, I can see it in a vision this morning… and I’m counting down the hours!

Today, our church (Destiny Family Center) is hosting a FREE station at the Sweet Dreams Festival in Stuarts Draft! We’re giving away free waters, soft drinks, and snacks… and we hosting a private diaper changing area. No, we will not be changing diapers… just proving a place for Dads (and Moms, lol) to work on their babies in private! Oh, and we’re having face painting and kids games!

Before sweet dreams, Emily and I are going to the Staunton Farmers Market for some tasty fresh fruits and vegetables! If it get hot enough, we’ll stop back by the house and jump in the pool a few times throughout the day!

New CD recommendation: Newsboys, Born Again (Deluxe Edition)! Check it out! Here’s a sample: One Shot


I just finished praying for you all! Be triumphant! With much love…

Dream Big, Live Bold, and Make the Difference!


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