No More Insecurity!

Happy Wednesday! There is God and Devil, evil and good, and darkness and light. There is guilt and mercy, condemnation and forgiveness, and madness and peace. Contrasting forces. On the one hand, God is good and God is light and God gives mercy and God forgives and God produces peace. On the other hand, the […]

Vacation Photo Journal 7.15.10

Happy Thursday! Yesterday, Emily and I walked to the Hatteras point! It’s been closed for something like three years… and they’ve opened it to walkers only. We fed a lonely seagull with a broken wing. Took some great pictures! Today begins the last two days of vacation: we’re going to Ocracoke for the third time, […]

Vacation Photo Journal 7.14.10

Happy Wednesday! Yesterday, we surfed (saw a shark), bought fudge from The Scotch Bonnet, won a bunch of stuffed animals and played air hockey at the Buxton Drive-in arcade (Emily is the world air hockey champion), ate ice cream at Uncle Eddies, fed the turtles… another beautiful vacation day! Ready for yesterdays photo’s? Click on […]