To Fall Upon A Rock

Happy Tuesday! Proverbs 18:12 “Before his downfall a man’s heart is proud, but humility comes before honor.” Is it really this simple? Is pride really wrecking the lofty, while humility raises the lowly? Are we really going up or down based upon the condition of our heart? That’s what I personally believe. In my own life, […]

Untame Yourself!

Happy Monday! A few unedited clips from Chapter 17 of my coming book. Each clip is taken from various sections of the chapter. Hopefully they will merge to form a complete thought and inspire you to break the chains! Make Me A Legend Chapter 17 Untame Yourself Just like ancient Israel, we have become less […]

It’s A Wedding Boom!

Happy Sunday! Yesterdays wedding with Matthew Clayton & Cynthia Johnson was so unbelievable! Today, I’m doing another wedding at 1pm today with Justin Godbey & Deborah Marshal. Last night I received a happy text from Jake Driver, announcing his engagement to Lindsi Hedrick. Love is in the air! It’s a wedding boom! Who’s NEXT? [smiling] […]

Pure Honesty Is A Beautiful Thing! P2

Happy Saturday! Todays blog is my reply to a brilliant comment from yesterdays blog, posted by my dear Indonesian friend Esslythe Harsanto. If you have the time, you should re-familiarize yourself with that blog, “Pure Honesty Is A Beautiful Thing,” and read Esslythe’s comment. Dear Essly, thats a beautiful thing your Pastor is teaching you. […]

Pure Honesty Is A Beautiful Thing!

Happy Friday! Does it ever seem to you like many people in todays world are so entirely self-focused, trapped in a mode of taking instead of giving… usually wanting instead of caring? Please don’t label me a cynic here. I’m very good at overlooking the obvious flaws of all my friends and acquaintances. I give plenty […]

Fight The Fire!

Happy Thursday! Fire goes out without wood, and quarrels disappear when gossip stops. -Proverbs 26:20 NLT What a statement! I’m guessing everyone’s been to a gossip fire before. Sadly, most of us have wasted too many valuable hours and days telling our gossip fire stories. If we’ll be honest, if we’ll admit it: we’ve even been […]

Rip It Up & Start Again!

Happy Wednesday! Do you ever assess your life and think, “My life has not turned out as I originally hoped, this is nothing like what I envisioned… there are so many circumstances spinning out of control, so many severely damaged places in my heart (from hard living and shattered dreams), too many big things I […]

Eradicate Your Fears!

Happy Tuesday! Are you suffering from a peace deficiency today? Losing your mind because of situations beyond your immediate control? Do you wish things were different? Feel like things are oftentimes moving from bad to worse, like your entire world might be starting to unwind? Do you find yourself spending more and more time each […]

Sharpen Your Ax

Happy Monday Everyone! Because there are 31 chapters in the book of proverbs and every verse is so amazingly dimensional, some people read a chapter from proverbs each day… and they repeat this routine every month! I’ve been doing it 20 years, and what a difference this has made in my life! Since today is […]

The Forgotten Power Of Expectancy! P3

Happy Sunday Everyone! Today, I preaching part 3 of my New Sermon Series, The Forgotten Power Of Expectancy! The amazing thing about this is how highly expectant I’ve been about today… since last Sunday, I’ve been daydreaming several times a day about 10am, Destiny Family Center, today! What are you expecting this day will bring […]