Pure Honesty Is A Beautiful Thing!

Happy Friday!

Does it ever seem to you like many people in todays world are so entirely self-focused, trapped in a mode of taking instead of giving… usually wanting instead of caring?

Please don’t label me a cynic here. I’m very good at overlooking the obvious flaws of all my friends and acquaintances. I give plenty of mercy, because I always need plenty of mercy myself.

I’m just saying that oftentimes, we really have to wonder about the hidden selfish motives behind the everyday words and actions of almost everyone we interact with.

Ok, please don’t go getting all paranoid on me. I’m not suggesting you run out to lock your car doors or install a new security system. I’m not trying to create a panic induced hurricane of jealousy… not trying to get everyone looking over their shoulders for the next knife in the back.

I’m establishing contrast, between impure motives and pure honesty, so that we can “see the light” and stop leveraging the whole world for our own selfish ambitions… and know what its like to have a heart. A heart that really cares more about others than self.

Pure honesty is a beautiful thing!

I think this is what Paul was talking about in Romans 12:9-10 “Don’t just pretend to love others. Really love them. Hate what is wrong. Hold tightly to what is good. Love each other with genuine affection, and take delight in honoring each other.”

This whole blog was inspired by a recent conversation with Paul McIntire. Paul is one of the editors I interviewed to help edit the final 10 chapters of Make Me A Legend. Just in case you didn’t know, we’ve been searching for another editor to join our team for about 6 weeks. We’re really trying to find the right fit. It’s been a very challenging venture.

Each editor was very kind and professional, of course. I enjoyed my interaction with each of them. Paul really stood above the crowd. Unlike a few of the other prospective editors who really wanted the job, Paul demonstrated a unique degree of honesty! He did not waste his words flattering me about how he felt like my book was going to be the next shot heard around the world (although, he was very encouraging). He did not waste his words trying to persuade me to choose him. Instead, Paul McIntire said the following:

A commercial publisher, should they accept your work, would push your manuscript through their own editorial staff before typesetting commenced. If you eventually decide to self-publish, most such businesses insist on a complete editorial pass through one of their recommended editorial freelancers (I regularly serve in that capacity for at least one well-known client).

If you wouldn’t mind some advice from a brother in Christ, it sounds like you should have your available copyediting imported into “final” Word files by your copyeditor and then use that draft to begin submitting your book to prospective agents and publishing houses. Once a decision is made (about the way book manufacturing will proceed), you would then have access to editorial services that would address your manuscript from start to finish for final preparation.

It’s not in my nature to talk myself out of revenue (my branch of the McIntire clan is Scottish!), but I hope you find this response helpful as you go forward. Please contact me again if you need more information.

Then after reading Paul’s email, he and I had a 30 minute phone conversation about what to do next… and I finally have a clear, exciting, fast, and achievable strategy! I even asked Paul if I could send him a check for the consultation and his reply was something like, “It’s my pleasure to help other Christian’s get their message out.”

Pure honesty really is a beautiful thing!

Now, think about your own life. How much of what you’re doing for other people is being done in pure honesty? You see, Paul McIntire didn’t even have the promise of friendship in his service to me. There was absolutely no prospect of gain in Paul’s selfless and loving actions… only service to some random aspiring writer.

Think of how much more beautiful our world would be, if you and I found someone to serve every single day of our lives (just like Paul served me today). Think of how special this would make us feel deep in our hearts.

Now, take a look around… pay close attention to all the people coming through your space over the next few days. An opportunity will present itself. Take it!

That’s my blog for today. I just finished praying for you all. With much love…

Dream Big, Live Bold, and Make the Difference!


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7 thoughts on “Pure Honesty Is A Beautiful Thing!

  1. In one word… AMEN! It is sad that even may "Christians," have purely selfish motives as they help others in this day in age. It feels like many times there is always that drive to get ahead behind every good deed. This to me is soooo frustrating! I genuinely love people and love to help people! Many times I will have done something to help another friend out and people tell me, what's in it for you? Then as I proceed to tell them nothing except it just feels good and right to help them out they give me the you shouldn't waste all your precious time and energy speech! Grrrrrr!!! I usually try to respond kindly but sometimes get a little nasty asking, "Oh and is that what Jesus did? Only help others to get Him ahead in life?" Our society needs a true wake up call when it comes to pure honesty! We say that we as Christians know how to love, how to give of ourselves at any cost and just generally walk the talk! Can you even imagine what our world would be like if the whole body of Christ used Pure Honesty!!!! I cannot even begin to imagine!!

    I am with you Pastor I don't want to sound like a cynic but it gets to be very tiring sorting and dealing with the many motives behind the people around you! Thank God we have the Holy Spirit to help guide us! It is refreshing to hear the responses from Paul! I pray everyone has a great weekend! As always Pastor thank you for your insight!

  2. good blog I will think on it over the next couple days. P.S. Please pray over Ricky Lee, shawn, and everyone and also me. we will be going out door to door on Sat. pray that they are home, happy, and ready for a good change in their lives. I believe that we will reach some people tomarrow. Have a great day everyone, see ya sunday 🙂

  3. Elaine, I love it when you really share your heart. 🙂

    Levi… can't wait to hear about the results from tomorrows outreach!!! I am definitely praying for you guys!! If I didn't have two weddings this weekend, I'd be going with you. Have fun!! 🙂

  4. “Being pure” is what i’ve been always praying for; especially since God pulled me into a full time ministry of serving God, serving my leaders, and serving other people. Im pretty sure that behind every actions lays a secret motive that only God and us who knows well; sometimes we didnt event realize our own motives. And today im still praying for God to “search my heart”; because i dont want to be a hireling; someone that God hire for His flock.

    You know; its a normal thing for a minister to receive a “love gift” (its an amount of money as a payment of our ministry). Im glad that in my early journey as Christian, my church was poor, so each time i served in the house as a worship leader, i didn’t get a love gift, which now its been a NORMAL or even a MUST thing in other churches. it really helped me and guard me to serve with a pure heart. I happened to lead worship 4 times in a month, or even more and i didn’t get a love gift. (im glad when i think back of those old times. fiuhh). Today, our church is growing, and we still never give ‘love gift’ to a minister in the house. (its the value our pastor taught us); We taught them that we are a son and daughter “we serve in our own house, we don’t get a payment in our house”. Its not a normal thing for other church in Indonesia; but i believe the ‘love gift’ is not wrong; “our hearts” that longs for the “love gift” when we were about to serve God is wrong. it’s so called “UN-PURE”

    This “pure” thing is a good word or today; because yes this world are full with the un-pure thing; un-pure motives and un-pure love are like the air we breathe everyday. And the need for us to spread the pure love is a highly demanding. we are the reflector of Jesus purity in this world; so lets just be pure. “Search me o god, and seek out my heart”