To Fall Upon A Rock

Happy Tuesday!

Proverbs 18:12 “Before his downfall a man’s heart is proud, but humility comes before honor.”

Is it really this simple?

Is pride really wrecking the lofty, while humility raises the lowly?

Are we really going up or down based upon the condition of our heart?

That’s what I personally believe.

In my own life, whenever pride takes over my heart, it always end with a crash! Whenever I am broken (usually by painful circumstances), then it’s never long before everything turns around for me!

God opposes the proud, but gives grace to the humble. -James 4:6

Think about this… GOD opposes proud people, He stands in their way. And GOD gives grace to the humble, He raises them by giving them extra loving care and divine advantages.

I had a beautiful phone conversation this morning with a very dear friend.

This friend of mine… he’s been through so much pain and hardship over the past several years. His newfound humility inspires me more than he can know.

We discussed the following verse:

Luke 20:18 “Whosoever shall fall upon that stone shall be broken; but on whomsoever it shall fall, it will grind him to powder.”

The stone Luke is talking about is Jesus Christ. He promises that whosoever falls on that stone will be broken… a sign of humbling ones self before God. Have you ever fallen on that rock before? The journey is never fun, but to be laying on that rock broken to pieces is one of the greatest sensations in all the universe!

Luke also talks about another kind of person, the one on whom the rock shall fall. This happens to the people who choose not to fall on the rock. In the opportune moment when they should be humbling themselves before God, they avoid Him. Therefore, the time comes when the rock they were supposed to fall upon, eventually falls upon them. And instead of being broken, this person is crushed to powder.

It is a good thing, to have a heart that feels!

You may not have the perfect world you wanted to have at this point of your life… but if you feel today, if you’re laying on the rock (Christ) as a broken person… you are laying at the greatest place in the universe! It is here that God will pick you up. It is here that you will know God more than you’ve ever been able to know Him before.

And that is the greatest treasure!

I’m praying especially for all of my broken friends this morning. That God will wrap His loving arms around you and wipe up your many tears. Keep a close guard on the condition of your heart… fall on the rock and be broken… seek humility. Then, wait for God to lift you up!

Here is a great song for this moment. Kim Walker, All I Need Is You.


Have a great day everyone. With much love…

Dream Big, Live Bold, and Make the Difference!


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5 thoughts on “To Fall Upon A Rock

  1. I'm so glad that I finialy got over myself and fell on the rock because I was not half the man I thought I was. Thank you Jesus for the chance to change my life. What a great blog. Have a great day everyone.

  2. Wow! Jeremy and I were just talking about this the other day! It is so sad to see that many people are so caught up in their pride that it becomes more important than the people around you, or you are so caught up in always being right no matter what that no one wants to be around you. I know for me I am no where near perfect no do I profess or want to be! What a responsibility that is! I am so glad the job of Savior is taken by our wonderful Jesus. I tell people often, I love you but I will fail you at one point in life. I will try my best not to however there is only one Jesus who never fails! This is not an easy thing to do but I never want to become so prideful that I become to “good” for my God! He is what makes me who I am! Without Him I am nothing. I fall on The Rock daily! Without it I would be lost! I never want to be opposed by God!

    I know I say this often but I always mean it… LOVE this blog!!! 🙂 Have a blessed day everyone!

  3. My favorite quote is "The journey is never fun, but to be laying on that rock broken to pieces is one of the greatest sensations in all the universe!" i repeated those quote many times; and i love those word so bad!! and that is so right, so true, so superb, what a revelation, and its amazing.

    Bowing to the ground, down on my knee is one of my favorite position when i worship Him in my quite times, and it means bowing down (in my heart position as well); its me saying "father God, outside of your grace, im nothing, i cant do anything. Outside from your grace, there will be no growth for my youth ministry; i knew it for sure since the beginning. serving this teenagers are both FUN and could be STRESSING, for this is not always FUN though, because the fact that 30 something and they are 15 something, and i was like "oh my goodness, i cant do this for sure" and in the same time, it was like God made things GROW. and i know it for sure, that its only by Grace; which means to fall upon THE ROCK.

    Indeed, its the greatest sensations in all the universe!


  4. Hey Essly, from what I’ve heard about the amazing success of your youth group, it’s very obvious that God is giving you grace! Now, I see why this is: your call for Gods strength and your unrelenting trust in Him to live and love through you! Have a super Indonesian day! Please say hello to all of my friends there. 🙂