Untame Yourself!

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A few unedited clips from Chapter 17 of my coming book. Each clip is taken from various sections of the chapter. Hopefully they will merge to form a complete thought and inspire you to break the chains!

Make Me A Legend

Chapter 17 Untame Yourself

Just like ancient Israel, we have become less and less responsive to the moral and spiritual deterioration in our nation and world. For more than 50 years, we have hidden behind the timid banner of passive resistance—and instead of influencing our government, and educational system, and economy, and entertainment industry, and all the other national arenas—instead of fighting hard to save our cities, instead of holding up a flag of enduring standard, instead of facing a little persecution along the way—we’ve forfeited our influence to louder evil voices!

We’ve abandoned our cities—run away from politics—fled from the blistering battlefront of every godless agenda! Our cities have been taken over and so goes the city, inevitably—same goes the country! There is nowhere else for the godly people in our land to move. We’ve been running scared to the remotest country places, and this seemed to be working out for a while. Until today, we find ourselves cornered with nowhere else to run!

Please don’t label me an America basher—and please, please don’t call me as a gloom and doomer. That would really hurt my feelings! (smiling) I’ve tried so hard to write the greatest message of HOPE you’ve read in a very long time! I love my country, and I know we can be so much better than we have become in recent years. That’s why I’m writing so passionately right now! That’s why I have to say some of these difficult things with so much unrestrained courage. How are we ever going to build tomorrows better world—how are we ever going to be the legends of tomorrows better world, unless we take a few more big gulps and face the reality of where we are right now?

This country and has become a modern Sodom and Gomorrah—and you and I have become the “Lot” figures in our beloved land—tormented in our righteous souls, wondering how much longer we have! We have been tolerating a gigantic deviation from the standards of our faith, and through repeated exposure, we have become less responsive—until in recent years, we have been unresponsive! The moral and spiritual voices in America were first lulled into complacency, and then beaten into submission—until the entire nation is breaking apart from harshness, severity, and cruelty.

This is our nation—this is our world. Our youngest generations have never seen a better way. They are born into the earth during a time of unprecedented Christian repression; oblivious to the fact that this is not how their forefathers wanted things to turn out. They hear us talk of yesterday’s awakenings like we’ve crafted the fairy tale of something that can never really be. Today’s kids can hardly understand why it is not natural for a man to marry another man. Or what is wrong with sex before marriage. Or what’s the big deal with using drugs and still claiming a heartfelt relationship with God. They live in a world without boundaries, a world lacking a moral compass and a spiritual conviction—a world when self is god, and anything that feels right is perfect.

Up until now, you and I have reasoned: that to rise would be far too costly. So we’ve chained our passions and toned our standards down—we’ve silenced the John the Baptist voices among us. We’ve chosen rather, to coexist in unevangelistic compromise with Islam and the other false religions of our era. If Jesus had lived like this generation, he would have never been nailed to a cross.

Political correctness is killing us! Cowardice has neutralized our creativity! Our message is no longer a message. Unlike Jesus, we want our world to like us, enjoy us, approve us, and celebrate us. We’re cowering in the face of so many disgusting liberal agendas. We’re tolerating the gross immoralities of our day, increasingly agitated in our righteous souls as we switch through the channels on our televisions and move about in public places—somehow, we just know that tomorrows better world is a very real possibility, but we just don’t see how—because we have become the only sect in today’s culture without a voice!

While the entire nation of Israel was breaking apart from harshness, severity, and cruelty—under the tyranny of a demonic Pharaoh, Moses suffered under another less obvious form of slavery. God’s mightiest would be prophet of all time was growing up the royal palace, where he slurped up his days in untold pleasures—a wild prophetic animal by birth—tamed and fattened on the beguiling delicacies of his royal upraising. A prophet, not yet aware of his destiny—chained up tight, in the warm embrace of a very wrong default alliance. And it would have been so personally beneficial for Moses to cover his ears to the crying slaves. Some historians even assume that Moses was the likely candidate for the next Pharaoh in his stepfather’s legacy. How would he ever walk away from this?

Just like Moses, today’s prophets have also been thoroughly domesticated! The Christian church of this modern world has forfeited her instinctive prophetic nature. We preach what this world tells us to preach. We give them the message we think they want to hear instead of the message we know they need to hear. We do everything just as this world tells us to do it. And if were good little doggies, they will fill our bowls with water and throw us a nice little treat every once in a while. We’ve swallowed down the pill of political correctness.

Today’s Christian will do almost anything for secular approval. We’ve become well groomed and soft skinned. We’ve lost the edge that founded and fueled our movement throughout history. We’re just like that infamous movie boxer, Rocky Balboa—we’ve lost that “eye of the tiger” and we’re fighting scared! This godless world owns us right now. We’ve been chained up for so many years—we no longer bark.

Here is the perfect song for this moment! Jason Upton, Feedom


That’s all for today… please let me know what you think. As with every morning, I just finished praying for you! Make this a most triumphant day. With much love…

Dream Big, Live Bold, and Make the Difference!


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4 thoughts on “Untame Yourself!

  1. This is very true of today's Christians. We tend to want to live in denial that our FIRE has gone out. We have conformed to society and still call ourselves Christians! Many of us sit around and complain about all the terrible things in the world today without remembering WE HAVE THE ANSWER & THE BATTLE IS WON! We have the answer to all the worlds problems and Jesus has won the battle. Why do we sit and do nothing! I pray that God would stir up today's generations and that we would all move to turn the world to Christ! What a difference we could all make if we could first admit there is a problem and then EACH of us choose to act!

    Everyone have a blessed day!

    PS Pastor you are not gloom and doom by any means. Keep speaking the truth! It is what we ALL need to hear! Love ya!

  2. I agree that this wonderfull country has became such an awfull free for all that as a whole we have lost alot of morals along the way. Its kind of hard to picture it sometimes while were sitting in a nest between two mountains. Weather isn't the only thing they shield us from. On my travels to other states you can see the free to do whatever spirit glooming at every street cornor. we have became a money driven sexually exploited nation driven by greed and power and for got to help others. We need God back in the White House. The corruption is so thick that you can't even see a way out without the help of our savior. I fear that we don't have much longer to straighten things out. That is why I'm going to lead as many people to the light as I can. I have had dreams of the end or atleast that is what it felt like to me and it didn't look pretty. So I have been told that I have three family members that I must go and show them the door way because this will probly be the last time for them to have a chance to recieve Jesus. Please pray for me and them because it is not going to be easy.

    After writing all this I think of the movie the Matrix. Take the pill for freedom from the same old computer program. Free as many more as you can and wait for Neo ( Jesus) to return and defeat the Machines (demons). Have a great day everyone.

  3. Wow. I remember reading in John how the pharisees loved the praise of men more than the praise of God. So backwards.