Adventures From Washington DC

Happy Wednesday!

We decided to stay one more night in Washington with our kids before coming home today. It’s just so hard to leave them.

Yesterday, we installed wireless surveillance cameras all over the city, buried a few hundred cans of mace, and introduced ourselves to every neighbor! (lol) We mapped out every possible path to and from everywhere, took the metro to school and bought a few shirts and sweatshirts from the campus store, metroed to the Smithsonian and hit a few museums, metroed to the Pentagon City Mall, bought Heavens iMac computer, metroed back to Heaven and Coree’s new home, installed Skype on Coree and Heavens computers, did a few practice Skype calls, and went to bed exhausted.

Going To The Zoo?

Since orientation isn’t until tomorrow, Coree and Heaven want us to stay and go to the zoo with them today.

At first I said no way… and here I am this morning, emotionally tore apart, wondering how I can say no when I’m not going to see them very much over the next few years. They promise to come home on most weekends. Who can predict whether this will happen or not? They might make new friends up here and they might wear out from the inconvenience of commuting… and eventually, weeks might turn into months, and then maybe they will even want to stay here for their semester breaks… dear God, this is really happening.

Saying Goodbye To My Grandma?

If we go to zoo, we have to leave here by early afternoon so I can visit my grandma and give her a big kiss on her beautiful nose… and watch her smile up at me and say, “Chucky, I love you!” She’s at her home on hospice care… been given only a short time to live. I haven’t written about it much, because I’ve been trying to remain optimistic. She believes in Jesus and she is ready for eternity. She told me she’s lived a long and very good life and she wants to go. Everyone has to go someday… it’s just so hard to say goodbye, when it is a woman like my grandma. She’s become a mother to me, since my mother passed away four and a half years ago, and she lost her only son one and a half years ago. I’m not looking forward to the next few weeks back home.

Amazing Grace For The Perfect Storm

I feel like I’m sailing into the perfect storm… but I have faith that God will carry me through this, and anything else that I will face in the future! God’s grace is amazing.

The Perfect Time For An Awakening

What’s really wild to me is how God has chosen this period of time in my life to pour out His Spirit on our church! The timing seems way off to me… but, Gods timing is always perfect. At Destiny Family Center, we are in the early days of what might be a community-wide, region-wide, and nation-wide awakening! The stories keep on pouring into our office, emails, facebooks, cell phones, etc… too many for me to fully process. I’ve never seen anything like it! So many people are giving their lives the Christ right now… something like 90 people in two weeks!

Thank You Dear Friends

I want to thank everyone who has left a comment of encouragement to us. Your words and prayers have blessed us so much! Brandy, thank you for that amazing, personal poem. Wow!

Photo’s From Yesterday

Click on the thumbnail for larger image. They were taken with my iphone… decent quality.

I just finished praying for you, hoping you really feel the difference. Please let me know about how this blog positively affects your life today.

Leave your comments here on the blog site so that we will always have a record of your beautiful thoughts.

With much love…

Dream Big, Live Bold, and Make the Difference!


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5 thoughts on “Adventures From Washington DC

  1. I so wish the world could see you and Em's relationship with Coree and Heaven. God has truly blessed your family with the love you share for each other.

    I am thanking God for the increase of those who are becoming born again in Him in the Augusta County area. Hearing the stories and the numbers of those becoming born again does my heart good because there are times when I get frustrated with how many people in the US aren't born again, let alone in the world. I've been slack lately in the area of my quality time with God. I've been too focused on my concerns and not enough time on His concerns. How selfish of me.

    I pray that your Grandma is comfortable during this time. I pray that God continues to give you strength during this tough time.

    Have fun at the zoo and tell the penguins hello for me.

  2. God chose this time to awaken DFC and this community so your support system will be great in numbers, for there is strength in numbers, especially when those supporters are believers. Just think…as you kiss Coree and Heaven with a see-you-later kiss, then come home and kiss your Grandma with a hello kiss, you are kissing the beauty of generations. The timing is rather grand, as one is preparing to go "home" to eternity, two are preparing to leave "home" to find their destiny and many are coming "home" to Christ. Although these situations bring mixed emotions, you have whole army fighting with you for your strength and praying with you for your peace. And the word destiny has found it's way into all these scenarios…Destiny family center awakens; the children go out to find their Destiny; Grandma's Destiny awaits as the Angels prepare for her arrival. We are all heading for a destination…but none that is unknown, for the covering of prayer and the presence of God is leading the way! May you and Em be comforted by the knowledge that the wonderful parenting of your children, the wise shepherding of your flock, and the close caring for your family members has shown people the light of Christ as many have never been shown before! Blessings like you have never seen are going to soon flow into your lives and the lives of everyone you know!

  3. WOW! Great comments on here today! Pastor I have been praying for you! It is so awesome to hear all the amazing stories coming from Destiny and it is so exciting and encouraging! I know you all do not hear this from me often and I pray I have little more to say but we love you guys and are so excited to see where God is taking us all! I know He has BIG plans for us all! Hope you have a blessed day!

  4. YIKES! We can't believe that both of them are going off to college already! Sheesh, it only feels like yesterday that Heaven was a baby in the apartment you guys had back then. It also seems like yesterday that Coree was 8 with the blonde curly hair – just like his father 😉 But I bet your father says the same thing about you and Jason, too.

    Time to get used to being "empty-nesters" now at your young age, lol 🙂 I know it will feel pretty weird without them there. Joey can spend a weekend at Grandma's so Joseph and I can have some time together and yet we feel lost without him around.

    But look on the bright side – since all of you now have Skype on your computers, you can set up times to have a family video chat. That's what we do when Joseph goes on his annual California trip in October. Joey loves it because he can see his father and talk to him rather than just talking to him via audio only.