Congrats Heaven Balsamo, Blazing Challenge In 4:06! lol

Happy Sunday!

Last night, my prissy daughter Heaven Balsamo won the blazing challenge @ Buffalo Wild Wings (12 blazing wings in under 6 minutes).

She scarfed down those unbearable wings in 4 minutes and 6 seconds!

Congratulations Heaven, that’s my girl!

Actually, I’ve never done the challenge and neither has Emily… therefore, the credit for this accomplishment belongs to Heaven’s fearless brother, Coree Balsamo!

Now, my son and my daughter both have their pictures hanging on a BWW wall of fame.

Coree won the challenge a few years ago @ the JMU BWW.

I’m such a proud parent! lol

Make sure you read yesterdays blog, “Faith In Jesus Changes Everything.”

Something big is going to happen again today @ Destiny Family Center, as the awakening that began a few weeks ago continues to build momentum!

Today, I’m talking about the difference between fate and faith. I’m continuing my series, The Forgotten Power of Expectancy (Today-Faith In Jesus Changes Everything).

There are so many great churches represented here at this blog tribe. Please let us know about what’s happening in your church these days!

I pray for your Pastors and church leaders every day… I pray for your cities, families, and friends… that God will awaken everything and everyone in your path!


Have a most triumphant Sunday!

With much love…

Dream Big, Live Bold, and Make the Difference!


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