Funny 1st Day Of College Text Conversation With My Kids!

Happy Thursday!

Thanks to Skype, I survived my first night without Coree and Heaven! I even got to see Heaven in her first day of college outfit. : )

This morning they were both up at 6am. I love that!

It’s raining in Washington today… and they have to walk 3/4 mile to the metro station… so here is the text conversation I had with Heaven and Coree this morning. lol

Conversation with Heaven

Heaven (7:40am): My hair looks so bad!

My reply: No way, you look beautiful!

Heaven: I got so wet on the way here and now it looks so bad.

My reply: Good news, the whole city is gonna look bad today!!

Heaven: No they don’t! Everyone looks good today!

My reply: If anybody laughs at you, remember who they are so you can MACE them on Monday!!! lol

Heaven: Lolol! I so will!

My reply: Can you imagine if you got so paranoid that you started saying to everyone, “what are you looking at, do you think it’s funny to make fun of people!!! Huh, huh???” lol

Heaven: Lol then I make fun of them on Monday.

My reply: No then you MACE them on Monday and say, “who’s laughing now pig face!” lol

Heaven: Lolol yeah that’s a good idea!

My reply: =) I miss you

(Simultaneous) Conversation with Coree

Coree (7:42am): Walk + Rain + Hot = hair failure and not a good start to college lol

My reply: What did you guys buy paper umbrellas?

Coree: No but we got the ones that looked like they would be big and when we opened them up they were like the ones you put in your drink!

My reply: Haha!! I am cracking up laughing right now! lol

Coree: Lol Heavens hair got worse then mine tho! lol

My reply: Please don’t tell her that, she’s already stressed. : )

Coree: Haha I’m just like, “nooooo, you look fine!” lolol

My reply: Lol! Mom is gonna laugh so hard at these messages!

Coree: I’ll sneak a pic for u if I can lol

My reply: Please don’t! lol jkkk

Psalm 127:3 Children are a gift from the Lord; they are a reward from him.

Thank you God for the gift of Coree and Heaven! Please bless them and watch over them today and everyday they are out of my reach. Please comfort our hearts as we are away from each other. You give grace for everything we face in this life. Thank you for that grace this morning.

You can look @ yesterdays photo’s from the Washington Zoo if you want (photo above-Emily and the gorilla): FB Album 1/ FB Album 2

Thats it for today… I’ll get back to writing more spiritual things in a few days. Thanks for taking this adventure with us! Thanks for your prayers and encouraging words. I hope these recent messages have encouraged you in some mysterious way!

I just finished praying for you, hoping you really feel the difference. Please let me know about how this blog positively affects your life today.

Leave your comments here on the blog site so that we will always have a record of your beautiful thoughts.

With much love…

Dream Big, Live Bold, and Make the Difference!


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7 thoughts on “Funny 1st Day Of College Text Conversation With My Kids!

  1. Thanks for sharing your texts with the kids. Spiritual…..sharing your daily life and the example you set forth for your kids is exciting to me and lets me know that one day a certain young lady will turn her heart back to her Heavenly Father and earthly father.

    Heaven needs to get one of those granny rain bonnets for days like today!!!

    Skype is amazing. You guys need to try oovoo's free trial and you can video chat with up 6 people at one time. With Skype you can only video chat 1 on 1.

  2. Thank you sooo much for sharing! Although I have to admit it makes me think about how much more time I want to spend with my kids everyday! With them being young I want to enjoy every minute of it! I cannot even begin to imagine them heading off to college!!! SHEW!!! It gets me all teary eyed just thinking about it! Talk about encouragement to enjoy each and every second with them! I pray that I will be able to impart into my kids as well as you and Emily have into Coree and Heaven! Love you guys! Have a BLESSED day!

    PS> Love the FB pics!!

  3. You should tell Heaven to tell anyone who looks at her strangely b/c of her hair that they better watch out b/c she is a princess and her Daddy is a King and that she is really an alien. Tell Coree to tell people that he is the royal heir to a kingdom not of this world (NTW) b/c he too is an alien and at any moment they could be taken without warning to their kingdom where they will rule and reign with the King forever! (Of course this is referring to their Heavenly Daddy).

    Or they could both simply start looking at one another pretending to talk in "alien" and start laughing at the people who say something about them! Then they should start moshing on the metro…OHHH I hear a song coming out of this!

    Get out of my space, or I'll mace yo' face.

    Thought I'd let ya know, just in case.

    My hair is fine, even though it's wet.

    Better back up, or see what you'll get.

    Don't laugh and make fun,

    'Cuz you won't be laughin' when I'm done!

    Ridin' on the metro, but I walked in the rain.

    Make fun of me and you'll feel the pain!

    Instead of talkin' 'bout my tresses,

    Won't you let me have your Lexus!

    Oh, I forgot, if you had one you wouldn't be on here.

    Oh, have I upset you, you sweet dear?

    Nice to meet you, now you know what Heaven is like!

    When we get home today I'm tellin' Dad about this on skype!

    Dad was textin' us as we walked in the rain,

    I told him about the mini umbrella's, they are lame!

    I didn't want an umbrella that goes in a drink,

    A mouse could use it as a boat, but it might sink.

    Ok, time to go to class and learn,

    But when Heaven finds out what Coree said, that's a BBUURRNN!

    Another original by: Brandy Hatcher 9-30-10

  4. Brandy! That was off the hinge! We should get Jeremy Spedding to lay down a beat! I was FEELIN it for sure! (yeah, my neck was swivelin' and my kicks was slidin', the Past-a thought you was funny cause you gifted in rhymin'…) 🙂

  5. LOL….I had almost the same text conversation with Heaven this morning…but I told her that if she saw some hot guys to smile at them and they would see her true beauty….all the while she was thinking of macing them instead lol…

    I never knew what Skype was until last night and I got to talk to both your kids last night on it…I am not sure what Derek would do without it now that they are gone. He truly loves you all…and we do too!

    I love Brandy's rap….