Legends, of Tomorrows Better World!

Happy Tuesday!

I’m sending my book manuscript, Make Me A Legend to its very first prospective publisher today. It’s an online submission, should take a few weeks for a response. I’m not sure this is the company I want to end up with, but they are massive enough to take my book around the world! The exciting thing about this submission is that I may be sending it with a best selling authors recommendation!

Drum roll please! Here is my publisher wish list.

To honor this special moment, I’m posting another excerpt.

Chapter 12, Stop Being So Human

A New Gateway To Evolution

Don’t worry, I am not asking you to take three steps and leap into the air, and I am definitely not suggesting you hurtle from a tall building to see if you can fly. I am, however, acknowledging my vision of a far more “spiritual” civilization. I’m courageously predicting that over the next few decades, the partition between nature and spirit will become thinner than ever before.

We are entering the gateway to a new evolution! In the days ahead, I believe the children of the night will become increasingly darker and they will carry out unthinkable acts of evil, while simultaneously, the children of the light will rise like the first gleam of dawn, shining ever brighter till the full light of day![1] The legends of tomorrow will have a real shot at going down in history as the greatest legends, not because you will muscle your way into the records but because you will wage your war on the most spiritual battle field of all time—some of you will belong to a band of legends who will be known in eternity as the renowned spirit legends of the last days!

Have you ever read the Bible with a Heroes paradigm? Have you ever considered the very array of superpowers God’s holy servants modeled for the rest of us? If you have, you will know that my ideas are not beyond the scope of what has already been. Let’s begin with the obvious.

  • Moses[2] exercised superior domination over nature when he hurled ten  plagues on Egypt at God’s command. During that great Exodus, Moses broke the Pharaoh’s resolve and freed his people (a nation of mangled slaves) from Egypt’s tyrannical chains. While Moses was still leading them out, Pharaoh and his assassin warriors chased them in a fury of rage—thirsting for their Hebrew blood. Moses glanced back at the incoming army, leaned forward to the impassable barrier in his face, slammed his shepherd’s staff into the Red Sea, and ordered the waters to move! Again, nature heeded this mans voice—and miraculously, Israel went out of Egypt on dry ground!
  • Elijah[3] called fire down from the skies; he outran a speeding chariot on foot for at least 15 miles; told the skies to withhold rain for 3 ½ years then commanded rains to end that drought; and he brought a dead person back to life, just to mention a few of his Heroes-like episodes!
  • Samson[4] is remembered as a real-life “Superman” for tearing apart a live lions jaw with his bare hands, slaughtering 1,000 enemy warriors with the jawbone of a donkey, uprooting the gates to a city (including its posts) and carrying them to the top of a hill on his back, and wiping out thousands of enemy leaders by pushing down the mightiest building in their city! As long as Samson honored his covenant with God, he was invincible!
  • Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego[5] were three friends who were tied up and thrown into a blazing furnace—all three walked out moments later, unbound and without even the scent of smoke on their fireproofed bodies!
  • Apostle Peter[6] defied physical gravity and walked on water, just like Jesus did! What else can we say to that?
  • Not only did Jesus heal every sick person he prayed for, so did Peter, John, Paul, Luke, John Mark, Stephen, Barnabas, Silas and others[7].
  • Let us not forget about Philip, the Evangelist.[8] He was teleported from Gaza to Azotus, a distance of 30 miles! Yes, just like they did it in the Star Trek movies.

In each of these examples, we see natural men—not legendary because of their beautiful bodies or their marvelous minds, but because of who they became when “the Spirit of God came upon them in mighty force!” These who I have mentioned are just the obvious examples! This list goes on and on and suggests to the rest of us the boundless potential of every natural person—when we also widen our influence in the world of spirits.

[1] Proverbs 4:18

[2] Exodus 3-12

[3] 1Kings 18

[4] Judges 13-16

[5] Daniel 3

[6] Matthew 14:27-29

[7] The Book of Acts

[8] Acts 8:39-40

Are you going to be one of these renowned spirit legends of the last days-builders of tomorrows better world?

Here’s the perfect video for this message! (turn your volume up)


I just finished praying for you, hoping you really feel the difference. Please let me know about how this blog positively affects your life today.

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With much love…

Dream Big, Live Bold, and Make the Difference!


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4 thoughts on “Legends, of Tomorrows Better World!

  1. Super excited about the book! I will be praying that the right publisher will quickly be found and that the publishing process will be quick!

    I pray daily that God will use me to be a Hero or Legend in today's world. I want to be open to all that God has for me! I think often that if God were to call on me would I jump as say here I am Lord use me any way you see fit? I think that answer is a resounding YES! I get so excited at the thought that God would be able to work trough me the way He did in all these "Heroes" of the Bible!

    Then I think about our children! Imagine what He will do through them! The days ARE getting darker and the ONLY way to survive is to become closer to God so that we may become brighter! It is encouraging to think that the God of all these amazing Heroes is still the God of today! He hasn't changed! He wants to use us as He did all these great Heroes of the Bible! Thank you Pastor for the encouragement to help build tomorrows better world!!

  2. Wow pastor I never thought about this perspective. Awesome and I believe it! You have really stirred my faith for this hour and the ones to follow. Jesus said "This and more you will do in my name because I go to the Father". Wow I really feel all of heaven cheering us on,I cant wait to see the Holy Power of The Living God displayed through all of God's sanctified saints.