The Wave Continues-Building Momentum!

Happy Monday! What started at Destiny Family Center last Sunday seems to be building momentum. Yesterdays 10am service was unbelievable! The sanctuary was packed, worship was heavenly, the crowd was blazing with anticipation… and when I gave the invitation (to receive Christ) after my message, people came streaming AGAIN! I think we’re now over 80 […]

Congratulations Destiny Family Center!

Happy Sunday! Congratulations Destiny Family Center on 8 years of fruitful ministry in Augusta County, VA! LOOK AT YOU, Destiny Family Center! You have weathered category 5 hurricanes, F-5 tornadoes, 100 foot tsunamis, and 10 scale earthquakes… hail, wind, and fire… invasions from air, land, and sea… even a nuclear blast… from demons of the […]

The Last Saturday B4 The 1st Sunday 2 The Rest Our Lives!

Happy Saturday! I only have one thing that I really want to say this morning… I believe that: This is the last Saturday before the first Sunday to the rest of my life! Tomorrows 10am church service @ Destiny Family Center changes everything for quite a few people! I can smell the sweet aroma of […]

Give Everyone A Chance!

Happy Friday! Last night, Joel Gunn and Josh Wittig brought one of their “unsaved” friends to our Thursday night prayer meeting. They promised him homemade pizza for dinner if he came to prayer meeting! Great bribe and a very bold move! When I received the text telling me this guy was coming with them, I […]

Take Your Time-Grow Slowly-Embrace The Process-Love The Adventure!

Happy Thursday! Here is an excerpt from my book, something I worked on yesterday. Make Me A Legend Chapter 9, Build An Extravagant Foundation Shooting Stars Captivating the masses, blazing brightly against their motionless backdrops, smoldering out in a short second or two—thus is the fleeting commotion of a shooting star! Certainly you have noticed […]

And We Go Into The Flames To Save A Life!

Happy Wednesday! This morning, I wrote a message of encouragement on Corey Henderson’s facebook wall. Corey Henderson is one of the guys I talked about in yesterdays blog: It’s Happening Again!? Awakening @ Destiny Family Center! A young adult (Joel Gunn) gave his life to Christ @ RE-UP on Sunday night… and @ 5:38 this morning, […]

It’s Happening Again!? Awakening @ Destiny Family Center!

Happy Tuesday! Words cannot express to you the sense of awe and excitement I feel all around me this morning. For the past 6 weeks, I have been preaching the most heartfelt sermon series of my life: The Forgotten Power of Expectancy. This past Sunday, before the service began, I had a moment of doubt […]

RE-UP 2010-Epic Success! (Photos, Comments, & Video)

Happy Monday Everyone! So much fun last night @ RE-UP 2010! From the band Seven, to Deborah Marshal Godbey’s riveting drama, to the hilarious Ipod giveaway contests (drinking Dr. Pepper through dirty socks), to the hundreds of happy, beautiful people… and in the words of Nathan Bain, “Disciple blew the face off of Waynesboro!” That […]

In The Beginning: My Salvation Story

Happy Saturday! Big Announcement: Please continue to help us spread the news about RE-UP 2010! Tomorrow night @ 6pm, be there if you can! For more information, check out yesterdays blog: RE-UP 2010 Featuring Rock Band “Disciple” (Sun Night @ 6pm!) I’ve been working around the clock to finish this book edit by September 17th. Right […]