Last Nights All Night Prayer/Todays Emergency Baptism Service!

Happy Sunday! Yesterday afternoon, I was asked if a group of young adults could pray in the DFC sanctuary all night long. We’ve scheduled such meetings in the past, but we’ve never been asked with that kind of passion and urgency! So, right now… as I write this message, there are people @ Destiny Family […]

How Is This Revival Impacting Your Life? Write Your Story!

Happy Friday! I’m gonna make a difference today! This morning, I’m preaching a funeral for two of my friends. We’re burying their still born son. A few days ago, when I received news of their son’s passing, I was broken to pieces with grief. Then, the more I have spoken with them, the more I […]

For The Times When God Says, “This Battle Belongs To Me!”

Happy Tuesday! Sometimes, life becomes so fast paced and so entirely complicated, that we cannot figure out when to act, or how to act in certain situations. Oftentimes, we are not supposed to act in the situations we feel most inclined to act. Self reliance is one of the surest marks of immaturity. The longer we […]

They Cry From Every Direction, How Many Will You Reach?

Happy Monday! I prayed this morning for God to further inspire Steve Jobs, to create new gadgets we can leverage for reaching more people. Really, just as soon as Iphone breaks its exclusive contract with AT&T, I am buying the newest Iphone and switching to Verizon or any other AT&T alternative. Without a doubt, I […]


Happy Sunday! I’ve been working since early this morning on a new sermon: Metamorphosis Read the following three blogs I’ve written on the subject: Morphing Into Your Finest Version Yet! Believe: Until The Picture In Your Heart Is The Reality Of Your Life! Metamorphosis: An Abrupt Change In The Animals Form! Here is the greatest […]

Hilarious Conversation With A Publisher: PUSH!

Happy Saturday! If my fingers were walking down the interstate as I’ve typed on my computer this past week, I would be in California this morning! I consider myself to be the ultimate multitasker of the universe (besides God, of course), but this has been another whole new level of productivity! Honestly, without this new […]