Book Excerpt: The Mirage of an Alluring Shortcut!

Happy Saturday! As you can tell, todays photo is taken from, No Shortcuts To The Top by Ed Viesturs. When I saw that image it reminded me of something I wrote in my coming book… Make Me A Legend! Chapter 9, Build An Extravagant Foundation The Mirage of an Alluring Shortcut Just like everyone else, I […]

When “Wooooosh” Happens!

Happy Wednesday! I just re-read yesterdays blog and I didn’t even remember writing some of the things I wrote! Sometimes, when God has something He desires to say (or do) through us, it is like, “Wooooosh!!” Do you know what I mean? I am sure you have had those moments when God so completely took […]

They Cry From Every Direction, How Many Will You Reach?

Happy Monday! I prayed this morning for God to further inspire Steve Jobs, to create new gadgets we can leverage for reaching more people. Really, just as soon as Iphone breaks its exclusive contract with AT&T, I am buying the newest Iphone and switching to Verizon or any other AT&T alternative. Without a doubt, I […]


Happy Sunday! I’ve been working since early this morning on a new sermon: Metamorphosis Read the following three blogs I’ve written on the subject: Morphing Into Your Finest Version Yet! Believe: Until The Picture In Your Heart Is The Reality Of Your Life! Metamorphosis: An Abrupt Change In The Animals Form! Here is the greatest […]

Hilarious Conversation With A Publisher: PUSH!

Happy Saturday! If my fingers were walking down the interstate as I’ve typed on my computer this past week, I would be in California this morning! I consider myself to be the ultimate multitasker of the universe (besides God, of course), but this has been another whole new level of productivity! Honestly, without this new […]

Don’t Die In The Great Stampede!

Happy Friday! Wow, look at the clock! It’s 11:45am and I am just now starting to write my blog! Who would believe I rose at 4am? Busiest morning of my year? Maybe, I think so! My fingers are moving so fast back and forth across this keyboard, I’m dehydrated, and I really have to go […]