Last Nights All Night Prayer/Todays Emergency Baptism Service!

Happy Sunday!

Yesterday afternoon, I was asked if a group of young adults could pray in the DFC sanctuary all night long. We’ve scheduled such meetings in the past, but we’ve never been asked with that kind of passion and urgency! So, right now… as I write this message, there are people @ Destiny Family Center praying like there is no tomorrow, for the greatest move of God in recent history.

This week, something like another 20 people gave their lives to Christ OUTSIDE of church! We don’t even have enough time in our Sunday services to tell all the stories happening from week to week! This morning, we’re having an emergency baptism service… because so many people have given their lives to Christ and they don’t want to wait until the next quarterly baptism service!

I’m told there could be upwards of fifty lost people in church this morning. Our worship team is introducing the song, Commission My Soul, by Citipointe Worship! I’m preaching about Metamorphosis again. It’s going to be just like taking a trip to heaven!

And all of this is happening on Halloween, the day when evil surges into the earth more than any other day of the year. Talk about shining LIGHT in the DARK places! Wooooosh!

There is so much more I would love to tell you about my week. Maybe I can catch up over the next few days. As for now, go back and read yesterdays blog if you missed it: Make Me A Legend Book Excerpt: The Mirage of an Alluring Shortcut, and let me know what you think?


I just finished praying for you (with tremendous passion), hoping you really feel the difference. I wish you a most triumphant Sunday wherever you are in the earth today.

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With much love…

Dream Big, Live Bold, and Make the Difference!


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5 thoughts on “Last Nights All Night Prayer/Todays Emergency Baptism Service!

  1. Praise God, that so many young ppl are coming to Jesus. I feel we are living in the Last Days. I want to cry out to Jesus and say " Wait a little longer please Jesus, tll we get our loved ones in." The words from a song that I have heard many times. But then again I want to cry our and say Please Jesus come quickly, I am so homesick for Heaven…. God bless you…