Two Dreams And A Vision!

Happy Thursday! Yesterday was one of the biggest days of my entire life! Unfortunately, that is all I can really say at the moment. Hopefully, I will be making a very big announcement sometime over the next few weeks. Please standby with prayer and anticipation! Today, I want to post a prophecy sent to me […]

The Positive Effects of a Tight Economy.

Happy Wednesday! Wow, there are so many leaves on the ground from yesterday. Hurry up little squirrels, store up your nuts… the winter is coming! I’m shivering as I type this blog, because Emily keeps it so COLD in this house!!! Grrr. lol Really, my right hand is almost too numb for typing. I’m not […]

Make Me A Legend Meets Its First Publisher!

Happy Tuesday! Sometimes, I laugh out loud when I think about everything that has happened to me and my family over these past few months and years… hundreds of tornadoes forming around us out thin air… striking down without warning… the wreckage each one leaves in its wake… and we are left to wonder how […]

Who Does Anything For 700 Consecutive Days?

Happy Monday! This morning, I raise my hands to God for 700 consecutive, inspirational, daily blogs here at! For the past 700 days, I’ve bounced out of bed every morning no matter where I was in the world… with nothing but a blank mind. And every morning, as I’ve prayed and studied and spent […]

The Favor Of His Face!

Happy Sunday! In Kim Walker’s song, Light On Your Face… she sings, “Oh Lord bless me and keep me, cause your face to shine on me. Lord be gracious with the light of your countenance. Give me peace. For I live only, to see your face… to shine on me. Let the light of your […]

A Britt Nicole Video & Praying 4 Famous People

Happy Saturday, On September 16 and 17 (2009), I took a road trip and prayed that God would put people in my path who were in need. These are the people that I met. I hope that this encourages you to reach to those around you. –Britt Nicole Those words are the introduction to Britt […]

Evaluate, Then Create!

Happy Friday! I’m in Washington DC this morning, moving my son from Emily’s brothers house to his new college dorm. Woke up this morning and found a person sleeping in every room of this house… on all three floors. Really, Abby… you couldn’t sleep in the bed you were assigned but had to sleep in […]

Last Night, I Had A Dream: I Was In Washington DC…

Happy Wednesday! Last night I had a dream… I was in Washington DC with Aaron Huffer, the worship leader at Destiny Family Center. I had just walked out of a business office with a thick roll of documents. It looked to be a demographic study of Washington, loaded with all kinds of info on the […]

Diving Into Hell-To Save A Life!

Happy Tuesday! Today, it’s our privileged to host an Assembly of God Pastors luncheon here @ Destiny Family Center. My dear assistant, Kristin Via cooked late into the night… a gourmet menu, can you say yummm?! Dear God, please bless Kristin and the others from dfc who are coming to serve these great men and […]