They Cry From Every Direction, How Many Will You Reach?

Happy Monday!

I prayed this morning for God to further inspire Steve Jobs, to create new gadgets we can leverage for reaching more people.

Really, just as soon as Iphone breaks its exclusive contract with AT&T, I am buying the newest Iphone and switching to Verizon or any other AT&T alternative.

Without a doubt, I am at the farthest limit concerning the number of text messages, emails, voice mails, facebook messages, blog comments, hospital visits, house visits, and so on and so one that one person can effectively keep up with.

Even with a very powerful ministry staff and with plenty of delegation… there are way too many people who are well within my reach who need to be rescued… and God can use me to change everything for them… and they perish while they wait.

Some would argue, well anyone can reach them, and that is true… but still there are so many Christians in this earth today who are not willing to give themselves FULLY to the Lord so that He can FULLY express himself through them.

Thus, for every one Christian who FULLY embodies Christ, there are myriads of perishing people who are within reach but cannot be touched.

Please don’t misunderstand my tone. I’m not suggesting that I am God’s one lone ranger in this “wretched” earth. I am so obviously flawed (ask my family and close friends), and I’m not always FULLY available to God (though I want to be).

My point is that there have been a few times in my life when I have gone ALL THE WAY. This is one of those times, and this time more than all the other times, is blowing my mind.

Believe it or not… I can wake up at 4am and create significant chance for SOMEONE every second of every hour of every day of my life. And when my iphone text application takes 20 seconds to open verses one-second… I’m limited in the volume of text messages I can send each day.

Don’t think I’m crazy for placing so much emphasis on technology. I’ve learned to semi-master so much of what is available today the best I can as one person and his small team of dedicated volunteers. Still I have the constant frustration of operating on a miniscule budget. We desperately need a full time web/graphic designer. We need to upgrade all of our broadcasting equipment and facelift our auditorium… and…

But I have a DREAM today! When I look ahead, I think to myself, how will I lead such a gigantic ministry? How will I be able to lead this small company of legendary warriors from HERE to THERE? I feel like Moses must have felt when he was trapped between Pharaoh’s incoming army and the Red Sea.

Yet, instinctively I know, that I do not have to KNOW how it’s going to happen… I just have to know that GOD IS WITH ME and He will not take His hand off of my HEART until he has accomplished every promise!

Very soon, new resources are coming! Then we can really make the difference! Well, not all of it by ourselves of course… and not in and of our own human efforts. God has been downloading a PLAN into my spirit for the past few years… and its big!

Here is what I am trying to say this morning: Take a serious look at your whole life. How far have you gone in your relationship with God? Enough to reach the perishing people who are well within your reach? How longer must you pass on the real opportunities, to another more committed follower of Christ? What would it take for you to become that person in your circle… the one who so FULLY embodies Christ that no perishing person collapse who is within your reach? Will you be the one?

Will you be the one?

Your thoughts?

Here is the same video I posted on yesterdays blog… it’s still ripping through the deepest portals of my heart!


Today’s photo comes from photojuice.

I just finished praying for you (with tremendous passion), hoping you really feel the difference. I wish you a most triumphant Monday wherever you are in the earth today.

Please leave your comments here on the blog site so that we will always have a record of your beautiful thoughts.

With much love…

Dream Big, Live Bold, and Make the Difference!


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4 thoughts on “They Cry From Every Direction, How Many Will You Reach?

  1. This is so incredible! As my eyelids fluttered open this morning, it seemed like my brain was already thinking about this "great cause!" I thought "what if… EVERYBODY… would do what they could humanly (and super-humanly) possibly do–right now, all at once– to save the lost?!" I'm talking, everyone everywhere! Well it would all be over! The world in its darkness wouldnt stand a chance!

    If we watch the news, we can see Bible prophecies being fulfilled day by day! We have to wake up!

    Great blog, Chuck Balsamo! I really believe the next mission of your life is about to move out of the realm of promise into reality!

  2. I read this yesterday morning and I thought more about it some yesterday evening and some this morning too. Kristen you are amazing and we need to have a 'Kristen appreciation day' for all you do 🙂

    Chuck, the things you said in sermons as far back as 2005 are coming back to me. It's great because I am sharing it with friends, they think I'm really smart….until I tell them I heard someone else say it. lol When you speak, the wisdom packed into it makes so much sense! Its easy to pass along to others.

    Classes like freedom in Christ, bait of satan, etc are really what we need to prepare us for whats to come. I need to get this off my chest because, well I don't know why but I just do lol. It says 'My people are destroyed from lack of knowledge' (That's only part of it, the rest is more confrontational and convicting!) We need to be prepared and know Christs heart. The prayer meetings and classes are vital when spreading out to evangelize in depth. The core has GOT to be strong, prayed up, and educated when the message of salvation is concerned. We don't want this to be a temporary fad. I could be wrong but again, this is what is on my heart and my thoughts today.

    Please please please don't think I'm trying to be negative. You know I'm not a gloom n doom kinda gal. We have learned in the past, that complete unity is necessary. The vision and the mission needs to be the same. I think we are finally all getting on the same page. When there are different agendas it becomes chaotic. In the past some jump on the band wagon and then you don't ever see them again, (not that seeds weren't planted). I think it's because the passion was fueled on the wrong stuff. Like the difference between redbull and protein, what you need is endurance, but you crash before the race is over.

    We are grateful for what you are teaching us and so hungry for God right now. Thank you and other leadership/teachers for being so smart and allowing God to work through you all:) I have so much respect for the people at dfc.