A Heavenly Christmas

Happy Monday! As you can tell, we are performing a much needed renovation to this blog site. Hope you will enjoy the changes as they appear over the next few days. Here is a shout out to Jonathan Woodard with PotomacCreative.com, thank you for blessing us yet again. May God continually lavish you and Quinn […]

Forget About THAT, It is Nothing Compared to…

Happy Saturday! Just about the time you are worn out telling that same story of your last deliverance, God will prophesy your next one. If you read the Bible more than at a casual glance, you will feel the awesomeness of the omnipotent UPWARD current: a power that is perpetually thrusting God’s children higher and […]

5 Less Relatives This Thanksgiving-5 Reasons I Still Have a Smile!

Happy Thanksgiving! I know I should be depressed this Thanksgiving because I wont be seeing my mom (Barbara Lynn Balsamo), uncle (Adam Paul Dobzeniecki Jr), grandfather (Adam Paul Dobzeniecki Sr), grandmother (Helen Barbara Dobzeniecki), and father-in-law (Royse Merle Wall). It’s hard to describe the dynamics of loosing that many close relatives in less than 5 […]

Last Nights FireLife Meeting-Unbelievable!

Happy Wednesday! Over the past two month 206 people have given their lives to Christ at Destiny Family Center! Last night, we had another one of our unscheduled “prayer meetings.” They sent out a text at approximately 6pm, “Prayer meeting at destiny family center aka jesus ramps starts at 8 tell all ur friends txt […]

This is Big: 196 Salvation’s -n- Other Things Happening!

Happy Saturday & Sunday! 196 Salvation’s in Two Months! Thirteen more people gave their lives to Christ at a funeral on Thursday. It was the real thing too! Then last night at Brian and Caroline Laws home, we Bible studied through the “Romans Road To Salvation” for more than an hour… and at the end, […]

Developing a Keen Spiritual Awareness!

Happy Tuesday! Do you ever run into people and think to yourself, “Wow, this feels like a divine appointment!” Then, you blink your eyes and they are gone, and you’re left to wonder, “Why did that moment happen and what was I supposed to accomplish there?” Do you normally walk away from these divine moments […]

Sorry I’m So Late. :(

Happy Monday! Ok, this is officially the latest blog I’ve ever posted. This has officially become the busiest and most stressful day of my year. It’s ok… I’m going to find peace later when I get back home and I’m able to pray for a little while. Hopefully, I will post a great message tomorrow […]