5 Less Relatives This Thanksgiving-5 Reasons I Still Have a Smile!

Happy Thanksgiving!

I know I should be depressed this Thanksgiving because I wont be seeing my mom (Barbara Lynn Balsamo), uncle (Adam Paul Dobzeniecki Jr), grandfather (Adam Paul Dobzeniecki Sr), grandmother (Helen Barbara Dobzeniecki), and father-in-law (Royse Merle Wall). It’s hard to describe the dynamics of loosing that many close relatives in less than 5 years.

There are several reasons I am not depressed this morning. Several reasons I am sitting here in front of my computer with real tears in my eyes… tears of joy.


I personally led each of those 5 relatives to Jesus prior to their passing into eternity. They openly confessed Jesus and lived for him. I personally recorded a meticulous chronicle of their final words and the evidence of their authentic faith! For now they are missed, and I shall think of them often throughout this day. Their memories warm my heart and their loud cheering from the heavens fuels my inner fire every day. Today, I am thankful for the hope of salvation and the promise of life after death… that guarantee that we shall be reunited again! And what a day that will be…


I have a wife that loves me more than anything in this world, and I love her even more than that. We have two children who love and respect us as much as any two kids ever have. Even now that they are in college, they still travel home to be with us every single weekend! Today, I am thankful for the rare gift of an enduring family.


I have a one in a billion relationship with Father God. At least it feels that way. His love still overwhelms me to the point of tears several times a day, every day. He loves me even when I am not lovable. When I cry, He holds me close and doesn’t let go… until the storm has passed. Today, I am thankful for my salvation of 20 years. More thankful than I can describe with written words.


I have the greatest church family on the face of this earth. Believe me, I used to say that and think I meant it… until now, when I am absolutely positive about it! The people in my life today are the most loving, merciful, loyal, passionate, compassionate people I’ve ever DREAMED of knowing.

Yesterday, Dr. Tim Bagwell told me on the phone: “It takes a long time before a group of people will fully manifest the DNA of their pastor. In the process, God will prune and prune, sometimes He will prune your branch to the brink of death. Then, if you can stay alive during the pruning, the time will come when your branch will become fruitful-beyond your wildest dreams.”

If that is true, and this ministry is really starting to take on my spiritual DNA, then there is no greater compliment I can ever receive. I love EVERY person in my life right now and they LOVE me as much as humans are capable of exchanging LOVE. Because of this, I smile today!


I lived to see the beginning of a great awakening! Even if these past few months have only been the birth pains to something that is just ahead, I am blow away at what my eyes have already beheld. 207 salvation’s in two months, in a town our size… it’s incomprehensible! And the GLORY of God that is RESTING on Destiny Family Center… gives me goose bumps!

Bonus Reason

I smile today because I am standing on the final threshold into my God-Sized-Dream! The church I lead is experiencing one of the greatest revivals in America right now, I am just days away from signing a publishing contract for my historical book, doors for large scale ministry are starting to open… and one year from today, I will be CHANGING THE WORLD with all of my close ministry friends on a grand scale! Today, I am thankful that God always keeps His promises. Nothing can stop His plan except a quitter spirit!

Everyone Has 5 Reasons to Smile

If you may find yourself without a family this Thanksgiving, and/or your relationship with God is not where you would like for it to be, and/or you are uncertain about your future… please be comforted with these heartfelt words:

Everything can start to change for you today. When this whole world shatters to pieces, God can give you a new beginning. If you are still alive, then there is still HOPE. So, with all of your heart, resist the temptation to be depressed or bitter this Thanksgiving. Look real hard and you will see that God is right there, wrapping His arms around you right now. Hurry up and make your own list of the five reasons you still have a smile this Thanksgiving.


I just prayed the sincerest prayer I prayed in a very long time, for God to bless each of you with his love today. I hope you feel the difference, all day long.

Please post your list, if you have the time. With much love…


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3 thoughts on “5 Less Relatives This Thanksgiving-5 Reasons I Still Have a Smile!

  1. 1) I'm still standing

    Stronger than ever. Been shaken, wondered off at times, my soul and faith were beat up. But the Lord has seen me through.

    2) I have two beautiful healthy girls

    I'm teaching them to be little women of God. He uses them to teach me ALL the time. They are a joy

    3) I was raised by Godly parents whose marriage is an inspiration to this day

    My wonderful siblings made growing up fun:) Praying for miracles that could all enjoy this revival in VA, and that my lil bro would give his life back to the Lord. Pray for David, its only a matter of time now!

    4) My church family!

    I cannot even begin to describe my level of gratitude for each and every one of you. We stick together because we are a family. Families that pray together stay together!

    5) God, and his word and promises.

    This is what its all about, nothing is enjoyable without him. Nothing is worth getting out of bed for without him. God you are so GOOD!!!

  2. This is what I love about you Chuck always being able to smile! I know it isn't always easy, but you make it seem so easy to smile. You remind me that there is always something to smile about. I love to smile. I love to see other people smile. I love making people smile. There are times our smiles could be the only way we reach them for Christ.

    Mel thanks for sharing your 5 reasons to smile.

    My 5 reasons to smile

    1) My relationship with Jesus has grown so much stronger this year through the trials I've experienced. Jesus is my everything and without Him I am nothing.

    2) My husband, Randy, makes me smile daily. I am so thankful that his life was spared in his car accident last Oct. He is my hero here on earth. He seeks truth in all things. He amazes me daily.

    3) moving to Staunton to be near the Williams…it was well worth waiting 7 years, but living near Justin, Ashley, Noah, Eli, and Hannah has been amazing. It has only been 2 full days that we haven't seen each other. Their love is unconditional. They are a blessing.

    4) while my health is not perfect it has improved in a year. I've had my rough week this week, but I smile because I know God will strengthen me.

    5) The rest of my family and friends have really been a huge blessing to me this year and I smile when they call, write, tweet, or email.

  3. bonus smile I received the biggest compliment on my last paper from my Professor. Being able to start my Phd. program this year has been a blessing and is really opening my eyes and heart to my future students.