Developing a Keen Spiritual Awareness!

Happy Tuesday!

Do you ever run into people and think to yourself, “Wow, this feels like a divine appointment!” Then, you blink your eyes and they are gone, and you’re left to wonder, “Why did that moment happen and what was I supposed to accomplish there?”

Do you normally walk away from these divine moments feeling like you totally nailed it, or you totally missed it?

God definitely arranges for certain people to intersect with one another, at perfect moments, for epic reasons.

Cool Story

On Saturday, while Emily was running her Marathon, I ran into a wild young adult. His name was Trey. His girlfriend was running the race and he was walking back to their apartment for a rest… told me that he was severely hung over from the previous night party scene. Since he was so transparent with me, I kept walking… and walking… almost two miles in the wrong direction, so that I could see where this divine appointment would cary me.

I asked something like 50 questions and he answered every one of them like he was confessing his whole life to his very best friend. He didn’t know it but I was praying for Trey the whole time we talked. I asked God to take over my whole body to reach into Trey’s heart. We really connected on that short walk… and suddenly, without warning, Trey said, “Ok dude, really nice meeting you… hope your wife races well, have a great day.” And I looked down and saw a blank piece of paper on the ground… and I happened to have a pencil, so I wrote down my blog address and told him I’ve written 727 consecutive daily blogs… and I asked him to connect with me on facebook and twitter. He sounded very interested, almost like he was going to check it out the second he walked through his door.

Here I am three days later, and no contact from Trey.

So I was praying for Trey this morning as I thought back over our walk… and I wondered, “Did I accomplish that mission God dropped into my lap?” In that instance, I was absolutely conscious of the divine nature of our intersection… and I said and did everything I felt like I was supposed to say and do. I never told him I was a Christian or a Pastor… but I did tell him enough about my life to create a significant degree of intrigue. I felt like I was there to LISTEN more than I was there to talk. Then when we parted so quickly, I wished that I had offered him Christ in some way.

I have a tremendous level of peace about Trey… like God has His eyes on him… like God is in the process of rescuing Trey… and even though I didn’t do what most “preachers” would have done in that circumstance, I did exactly what I felt like I was supposed to do. And this morning, I pray for trey, wherever he is in this world right now… that God would give him new LIFE! I pray for his girlfriend and their future… that God would place His loving hand on both of their lives!

I wish I could say that I am always attuned to the will of my Heavenly Father. The truth is that I miss far more divine appointments than I catch. Too often, I’m stressed with my own personal challenges and I’m far too hurried to notice when GOD is trying to use me. And I hate this about myself.

I think the biggest part of moving in God’s love and power is found in developing a KEEN SPIRITUAL AWARENESS.

Most Christians have what it takes to make the difference, yet they fail to recognize their intersections with select people, at perfect moments, for epic reasons!

I want this to change for me and I want it to change for you!

I pray that you and I will walk away from this blog far more AWARE of the people and situations happening all around us. I pray that we will remove ourselves from the center of our canvas, and that we will let God paint us into the corners of someone else’s landscape… however many times He wants to do this every single day of our lives!

Romans 6:12-13 “Do not let sin control the way you live; do not give in to sinful desires. Do not let any part of your body become an instrument of evil to serve sin. Instead, give yourselves completely to God, for you were dead, but now you have new life. So use your whole body as an instrument to do what is right for the glory of God.”

Wow, this is a great message! Your thoughts?


I just prayed for you. Hope you feel the difference!

Please leave your comments here so we will always have a record of your beautiful thoughts.

With much love…

Dream Big, Live Bold, and Make the Difference!


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10 thoughts on “Developing a Keen Spiritual Awareness!

  1. wow it stills blows my mind when i read your blogs and it seems that your reading my mind. I have been thinking along those same lines for a couple of days. I think that in this fast world we have to slow down a bit to catch those moments and situations. good stuff today really hit home. have a great day everyone.

  2. Thanks for sharing the inner part of your heart today regarding what you would like to God on in you.

    From reading your story about Trey I believe you planted a seed and you gave him a way to contact you. If you truly believe in your heart of hearts that you did what God asked of you then quit beating yourself up. As Randy reminds me, I will remind you, the Holy Spirit is quite capable of doing His job in regards to opening people's hearts to answer Jesus' call on their life. I say that to you with utmost respect and love. You beat your self up way too much.

    Yes, we all need to be more sensitive to the Holy Spirit!!!!!

    Today I feel the more I reach out to others the more I just get ignored by them or rejected. I hate being over senstive regarding relationships and friendships. So today I pray for you to be God centered and Him developing a more keen spiritual awareness in you and that I won't be so over sensative.

  3. Praying for more divine appointments and for the holy spirit to word our mouths when we get opportunity to share the love. There are so many people that need to hear what God has done!

    I had a vision of my brother being saved and hugging him at the alter. He came a few years ago but there is a divine apt. for him to meet God the next time. We were raised in a Godly home but boy we went our own ways and he's still running. I'm believing he will rededicate his life soon. I have several of the young adults praying for him.

    Also praying that a friend of mine who is going through some rough times, comes to church this Sunday. I have been asking him to come for over a year. God is delivering him of drugs and he needs a church family so bad. His text messages are pretty desperate. God is using me to witness to him and I feel like the spiritual awareness kicks in when I respond to the text msgs. I can literally see him being encouraged by believers and being witnessed to by people other than me at our church, esp. the ones that have been where he is.

    What you said about canvas and landscape is REALLY good. We think we'll be happy as the star of our own show but that's not the plan. Helping people and encouraging them is the best gift we can give ourselves. The cake walk is a great example, everyone was blessed. Some couldn't be there but dropped off a cake before hand and they were a part too. It was so good to see so many helping hands and smiling happy people ready to serve with one agenda.


    • Mel, I'm praying for your friend this morning! Kyle, so glad to see your comments over the past few days-you are such a blessing! Nuala, I definitely beat myself up too much sometimes… it's my greatest weakness AND a great strength. Levi Brown!! Actually, Kari calls me everyday to tell me what you're going through!! LOL

  4. You did what most people wouldn't have and took time with that dude. Most people would have thought he was a weirdo and not done anything. The quote and verse on this blog are perfect.

  5. It is kind of like that penny or change you walk by on the sidewalk and tell yourself "someone else will pick it up and it is 'only change'". But in reality, if we took the opportunity to pick up that change and keep it in a jar for the year we might be surprised at how much it actually turns out to be. The same with coming in contact with someone hurting, having a bad day, or just having a hard time handling life in general…if we just give them a smile, a handshake, a kind word, an encouraging word…think of how that may change their day and/or their life for the better. Because someone, a complete stranger, cared enough to show them Christ's love in such a simple way. Over the past few years God has repeatedly shown me this concept and if the "Church" is going to be "Christ-like" then we must show His Love to EVERYONE we come in contact with, but most importantly with those who we believe in our fleshly eyes to be "different, unusual, dirty, homeless, a drug addict, an alcoholic" or the LEAST OF THESE. These are the people God intentionally puts in our path, I believe, to see if we treat them as Jesus would.

    Thank you for sharing your heart again and being so transparent. And yes, I am very hard on myself as well, but I have come to just say "God, forgive me if there was something I didn't do that you had in mind and show me how to do exactly what you want from me next time".

    • Rae, I was just talking about you to a group of friends recently. You have been a tremendous long term part of everything God has done in my life and ministry. I so appreciate your love for God and people. You inspire everyone with your comments today! We love you and bless you! I hope to see you guys soon. I'm going to start booking meetings outside of DFC again… to release my book! I pray the wind blows me to Kansas! 🙂