Last Nights FireLife Meeting-Unbelievable!

Happy Wednesday!

Over the past two month 206 people have given their lives to Christ at Destiny Family Center!

Last night, we had another one of our unscheduled “prayer meetings.”

They sent out a text at approximately 6pm, “Prayer meeting at destiny family center aka jesus ramps starts at 8 tell all ur friends txt me for directions its Ian Hale.”

Kristin Via had everything set up, sanctuary lights up, worship music playing, entire facility well prepared for the gathering.

By 9pm, there was something like 40 of us (mostly new believers) spread all over the DFC sanctuary praying and reading our Bibles, praying for each other, journaling, and walking around praising God and praying for our lost family and friends… it was a sight to behold!

At approximately 9:30pm, we all huddled in the front and started to pray one by one… then we invited people to the middle of the huddle who were really having a bad week. Those prayers were highly effective, we all felt the difference.

At approximately 10:30pm, we broke the huddle so everyone could sit down on the floor and in chairs for a teaching/discussion.

A Heartfelt, Self-Led Sinners Prayer

Just when everyone was almost settled, a young adult (Jamie Cox) stood up and said something like, “I cant sit here anymore, I feel like God is calling me. I can’t believe I’m doing this, but I need to get my life right, NOW.” Jamie had been drinking alcohol and he wasn’t even sure what made him come to that meeting, other than the prayers of his friends and their passionate invitation.

As soon as he made it to the alter area, Jamie was swarmed by the group. Everyone stood up and put their hands on his shoulders and prayed out loud for him… until their prayers were trumped with the sound of his “self-led sinners prayer!” He said, “Dear God my life is a mess and I’m not right with you. I’m a sinner and I need you to come into my life tonight!” He went on for about a minute while everyone else prayed and cheered and laughed and cried! When Jamie was finished giving his life to Jesus, Ian Hale led another few minutes of prayer over this new believer… it was EPIC!

The Teaching: Learning To Love The Lost World

At approximately 10:45pm, I taught about catching God’s HEART for lost people. I quoted from John 15 where Jesus predicted the world would hate his followers… and everyone talked about how they’ve been persecuted for their new faith. I asked if the persecution was frustrating them… and they gave a resounding yes!

Then I said, “I believe it is the devils plan to make you hate the world back. He wants to create a war between the Christians and the lost people… them against you, and YOU against them. And you must not let this happen. Instead, ask God to give you HIS HEART for your unsaved friends.”

We went to John 3:16 and I said, “It is great that God so loved the world. That loves changes everything for us. More than 200 of you guys have come to Jesus in the last two months, because of that LOVE.

If you guys are going to turn these 200 into 2000 and beyond, then you will need to LOVE the world JUST LIKE GOD DOES!'”

I quoted from an old revivalist (could find the quote on google-maybe it’s mine lol)

You have little right to lead a person to Christ when you have not first wept for their soul in prayer!

I showed a 2 minute video from the Passion of Christ, where the woman caught in Adultery was thrown at the feet of Jesus. After the video I said, “The world is not afraid to kneel before a merciful God, but they are petrified at being throw at the feet of an arrogant Christian.”

I talked about how long it took for each of us to accept Jesus into our lives and how patient God was with us.

Derek Lockridge said it took 20 years for him to see the light.

After his confession, I said, “Can you imagine how spiritually strong Derek is going to be one year from today? How terrible would it be if Derek forgets the life he’s just came out of, and he started to condemn everyone who has not yet seen the light? This is exactly what happened with the woman caught in adultery. She was humiliated by a group of religious people who had forgotten where they came from. Do not become those people. Instead, be like Jesus who reaches down and picks people up out of the dirt. LOVE the world you are trying to save!”

After that teaching, I asked if any of them had wept for a lost friend in prayer. Most of them raised their hands! They shared a few stories and threw out a few names of the people they were praying for. Then I got a very fun idea!

Simultaneous Text Message Ministry

I asked everyone to get out their cell phones and type a message to one of their lost friends… a message about how they are praying for this person right now, with an invitation to church this Sunday. I asked them not to send the text until after we had prayed together.

When everyone was finished, we prayed and hit our send buttons all at the same time. Then we prayed for a few minutes while people were receiving our texts and we celebrated the favorable replies! It was AWESOME!

There is so much more I can say about last night. Too many stories to tell. This revival is unbelievable!!!

On Sunday, I preached about Moses and his burning bush encounter with God. I quoted John Welsey, “Catch on fire with enthusiasm and the world will come for miles to watch you burn!”

FireLife Meetings?

Last night, when we were leaving the meeting, Joel, Dustin, Doug, Ian, and Zach said, “We have to come up with a name for our meetings, so we’re gonna call them FireLife Meetings!” Wow, it perfectly describes what’s happening.

Your thoughts? Your stories?

For more revival information, read the blog: This is Big: 196 Salvation’s -n- Other Things Happening!


I just finished praying for you (with tremendous passion), hoping you really feel the difference. Have a most triumphant Wednesday!

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With much love…

Dream Big, Live Bold, and Make the Difference!


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2 thoughts on “Last Nights FireLife Meeting-Unbelievable!

  1. I am so glad I got to be the on a weeknight. (thanks to Lisa for keeping the girls) I am loving worshiping/praying at the alter. I believed a lie for a long time, I thought I was not worthy of going up there, when I wanted to in the past I was literally stopped be a thought. An evil thought that would tell me 'you can't go up there, everyone knows what sin you did, they'll know you are a fake and you'll lose any credibility, you don't have it together so don't be a fraud and go up there' I believed it for a long time until the lie was exposed. I just pushed on through it, there is healing at the alter and I am getting some!

    Anyway, my heart broke for some of the girls there that night all of their private pain they were pushing down and covering up with shame. The voice of judgment from the devil and other Christians people is what normally keeps it concealed. But that night was different, god has blessed us with this revival, it is real. People especially the young adults know that deliverance and healing is available! It took courage for them to step out and be open about things. They took risks bringing it up. But they did since they had already seen that God is the healer. There is so much proof! You don't have to look far to see someone who has been transformed at dfc. Thank you Lord, we love you for being so faithful to us !! I am thankful that I am closer than ever to stepping out into my calling