This is Big: 196 Salvation’s -n- Other Things Happening!

Happy Saturday & Sunday!

196 Salvation’s in Two Months!

Thirteen more people gave their lives to Christ at a funeral on Thursday. It was the real thing too! Then last night at Brian and Caroline Laws home, we Bible studied through the “Romans Road To Salvation” for more than an hour… and at the end, Brian Dennison gave his life to Christ! I asked Brian what he was feeling while we talked. He said, “I’m buzzing right now! Something has come over my body that I can’t explain… and I know this is my time to be saved!”

There was about thirty people in that meeting… the atmosphere was electrifying! Wooooosh!

Joe Driver has been keeping a tally of all the new Christians. He’s calculated that 196 people have given their lives to Christ since September 11! That is 196 salvation’s in just over two months! (Sunday morning update: that number is now 199) We’re baptizing people every two weeks. The next one is scheduled for next Sunday, November 28.

Manifested Glory?

Besides these new salvation’s, the glory of God is descending like a golden fire on our congregation. Every time we meet, it is like taking a trip to heaven! I realize this sounds “flakey,” but it’s so true! One new Christian, Leo Cancino was sitting on the front row last Sunday morning. He told me there was a moment during that service when I walked by swinging my sword (sermon illustration) and both of his legs went numb from his feet up! He said that the experience affected him so much that his eyes watered and an awareness of God took over his life.

There are many more stories like this. Too many to tell! Really, I’m doing everything I can to keep people from flaking out, while the joy of what’s happening continues to blow us away.

Even though we live in a very small community, it feels like we are on the brink of something on a national scale.

Again, Tomorrow Morning, 10am!

I cannot imagine what’s going to happen at church tomorrow morning. I’m preaching, “You Were Born For Challenge!” Four new youth musicians joined the worship team Thursday night. Our worship team is ministering way over their heads right now-it’s unbelievable! I’m preaching way over my head. Everything about our church right now is way over our heads! That is what happens when revival settles in.

Load up a Buss?

If you’re near enough to make a trip, come see for yourself. Make sure you have your Pastor’s blessing and please give your tithes to your home church.

  • Bring a buss of teenagers and young adults!
  • Carpool with your middle aged church friends.
  • Bring your unsaved family members and friends!
  • Come catch the fire of evangelism, and taste this blessing with us!

This could be the Christmas revival I’ve been seeing in visions for the past few years. I think it’s here to stay for a while, but we never can tell with things like this. One taste might change your life forever!

Did I Just Offer an Invitation?

Wow, I can’t believe I just wrote an invitation like that. I hope it doesn’t come off like we think we’re the only place on earth where God is touching down. I guess I am so passionate this morning because I have been in real revivals before… and this is as real as it gets!

Revival Information

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Please enjoy this worship video from Citipoint Live, “The Name Of Jesus.”


I just finished praying for you (with tremendous passion), hoping you really feel the difference. Have a most triumphant Saturday!

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With much love…

Dream Big, Live Bold, and Make the Difference!


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6 thoughts on “This is Big: 196 Salvation’s -n- Other Things Happening!

  1. After reading this and thinking about what it said, I began to think about what I wrote yesterday as random thoughts flowed through my head. In addition, as I read this blog to its entirety, it reminded me of a scripture that ties in well with what I wrote in my reflection and the discussion here about this awesome revival happening right now…

    Romans 10:4-10

    Meaning: God is as close to you as you believe

  2. This is my favorite blog of ALL TIME!! Because it is a mark in HISTORY and a glimpse of the FUTURE! I am blessed to be seeing it NOW!