Learn as You Teach-It Is Your Time to Shine!

Happy Wednesday!

Yesterday was such a necessary change of scenery for me. I worked from Starbucks in the morning, then from Books A Million in the afternoon. My energy was off the charts! I created and created and created… there is just something about being in a public place with a laptop and ear phones. The ambiance of diversity and motion! So, here I am again this morning, working here until noon-unless my productivity drops through some unforeseen distraction.

There was a guy who sat across the room from me @ Starbucks for about two hours yesterday. I felt like he and I were supposed to talk, like I was supposed to initiate a conversation with him… but I didn’t. I just prayed that he would return this morning.

Last night, we had another new Christian prayer meeting at Destiny Family Center. It was possibly my favorite one yet! We didn’t lead anyone to Christ. No, last night was all about raising these new Christians to the next level. Here is what I taught those guys…

Learn as You Teach-It Is Your Time to Shine!

In Matthew 10:27, Jesus said to his young disciples, “What I tell you now in the darkness, shout abroad when daybreak comes. What I whisper in your ear, shout from the housetops for all to hear!”

Jesus didn’t make his disciples wait until they were certified theologians before he sent them into ministry. While the Bible warns about the danger of exalting a novice, it is very clear about commissioning new believers when their new fire is still burning brightly!

We must teach and model the heart and character of Jesus for our emerging generations. We must impart to them, a humble posture and a high respect for their elder generations. We must dedicate our whole lives to the acceleration of their growth… to give them advantages we did not have ourselves. We must show them how to become exceptional students. We must cultivate their teachability and give them the protection of strong accountability.

One thing I have learned (from experience), is that exceptional students have to be empowered and released at just the right time, or their fire will definitely burn out.

Powerful leaders recognize when it is time to raise up their exceptional students. They know when that exact moment matures and when the Lord says, “EMPOWER them and RELEASE them!” Then as the exceptional student gets his first taste of teaching and leading, he will need further assistance through the process of STANDING OUT!

The process of release goes something like this:

  1. You watch me do something I am skilled to do.
  2. You do it yourself with my close and loving assistance.
  3. You step out with new skill and confidence, and you do it without me.

Education comes in various forms:

  1. The student is educated in the classroom.
  2. The student is educated through exceptional mentorship.
  3. The student is educated with experience.
  4. The student is educated as he teaches and leads.

During last night’s prayer meeting, it hit me! Something shot through my heart as Zack Hoskinson was reading the Bible and telling me what God was showing him through the verses. Then Joel, Ian, and Brian joined the discussion… then everyone else. The room was energized with a revelation of their PROGRESS. Some of these guys have only been serving God for 90 days… and their picture of God is off the charts!

So I went with my spiritual impulse and asked some of these guys to preach tonight at Destiny Family Center. I gave them so tips on preaching and they all spent the night at Ian’s house, preparing their message! I cannot wait for tonight!!

True, there is a risk in raising up young leaders. But the risk of not raising them up is far greater.

Dear God, please keep your hand on their lives as they step into this next level. Please give me and my fellow leaders the kind of heart and dedication we need to raise up this next generation! Their potential is so unfathomable. Our opportunity of is huge here. Increase your anointing in our lives so that we may carry this sacred trust… and that success far exceeds ours. Amen!

Your thoughts?


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Have a beautiful Wednesday everyone! Do something FUN, it’s still the Christmas holiday season, remember?

With much love…

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10 thoughts on “Learn as You Teach-It Is Your Time to Shine!

    • Rachel, you are such an inspiration! It's been fun interacting with you for these past many months. I cannot wait to see how we connect in the future! Happy New year to you as well… I'm praying for you today!! 🙂

  1. We are in total agreement with you Pastor! In fact, I didn't even get a chance to talk to you prior to coming to the prayer meeting but wanted to let you know about MONDAY NIGHT at our house!

    Monday night, a group was over playing the dance Wii with us and Zack started sharing with me what he had been reading in the bible and what God has been showing him. He shared what he told you too about the prayer meetings and such.

    I shared with him at that time about how the brain retains info and how we learn new info. He reads, he re-writes what he learns into his own words, and then what I told him the next step is to TEACH what he has learned! It cements it into our brain. So when you picked him to be one of the speakers! WOW!

    He and I was just talking about taking what they have to another level even if its among their group like here at home. They are so hungry for more! They want to dig in deeper, to study, to learn, to share!

    This is so awesome to be a part of!! People are missing out if they don't take some time and spend with these young people! Zack shared a verse with me Monday in a way that I had not thought of it in that context before nor heard it preached! I love it!

    What you were saying about Nikki and Shianne last night really hit home too! They do have God's word hidden in their heart. I could only imagine what Nikki could teach to a group! She & Shi does it one on one all the time!

    Can't wait til tonight!

  2. Hey!

    I am so inspired by your blog today and the contents thereof. I am so moved by what you shared with the church and your online audience…all I can say is, I am so excited about meeting the rest of my Destiny family and you in person…expect a blessing and expect a beautiful and eternal sunrise this coming year…Love ya All

  3. Chuck,

    This is another quality of you that I love. You teach and then you give others the time to Shine in God's light of what they've been taught. You don't claim the glory you return it right to God.

    It is funny reading your steps of teaching because that is how I set up my lesson plans. I can't wait to see what the 2011-2012 school year holds for me in regards to a teaching position.

  4. Wow! This is AWESOME! I am one that learns so much better by actually experiencing something than just sitting and learning! I know that is why God has over and over again put me in positions where I don't just sit I start getting in there and teaching and learning!

    I have probably gotten more revelation out of teaching the children, and young adults than I could ever describe or even begin to explain! God is sooo good! He puts us in the ideal situations for each of us to learn!! Then we need to be the ones to decide whether or not we are going to take the opportunity!

  5. Wow! Thats such an awesome word bro…ive got no comments im just taking it in. I definitely needed to read this so thanks for posting it.

  6. 'Learn as you teach' That is the answer to a question I have had but couldn't put into words!! I wondered if being behind the pulpit is just as educationally rewarding as getting to enjoy a sermon in the crowd. Maybe even more if it's your calling?

    Anyway, I am going to be lifting the 4 guys up in prayer to keep up the good work. I was seriously impressed, they were so genuine, knowledgeable, and HUMBLE. Man it was so encouraging, I have to say I felt a bit rejuvenated after leaving church last night. What a fresh and really cool feeling lol!


  7. I love reading everyones comments. It's one of my favorite things to do! Thanks for turning every one of these daily blogs into highly inspirational discussions. Love you all!!