Whatever it Takes, Get “It” and Keep “It!”

Happy Tuesday! I cannot believe how much God is blessing our church with revival right now. This is already the greatest Christmas of my life and it is still two weeks out. Yesterday, my eyes watered 15-20 times throughout the day while I was thinking about the magnitude of this current revival. More than 230 […]

Video: Humility Modeled By “Ming-Me” Balsamo

Happy Monday! We are an animal friendly family. In recent years we have enjoyed the companionship of two (and then three) adorable, loving (small/medium) dogs. Our daughter, Heaven Balsamo took one of them, Lucy Marie Balsamo (the hyper chug) to college with her this past fall. That left Emily and me here in our Stuarts Draft […]

“Hey Little Fella, What Are You Laughing About This Morning?”

Happy Tuesday! Sometimes a good picture is truly worth a thousand words. This one (taken from my back yard) says, Accomplishment, ascendancy, attainment, big hit, big win, cinch, clean sweep, conquest, feat, gain, hit, riot, score, surmounting, takeover, the gold, walkover, and win! Celebration, elation, exultation, festivity, joy, jubilance, jubilation, jubilee, merriment, rejoicing, reveling, beat […]

Bah-Ha-Ha: Converting my Friend to the New England Patriots!

Happy Monday! I thought you might need a good laugh this morning, so I’m writing a funny blog! As you know, it is football season. I have been a New England Patriots fan since 1984 when I first starting liking football. If you know anything about professional football, then you can imagine what I have […]

You Are the Apple of Your Fathers Eye!

Happy Sunday! This song really moved me this morning. Caught In Your Eyes, by Josh Baldwin. httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G3dPxXDdi8Y&feature=related I must sound like a broken record and a big fat bragger, but I cannot hush myself from praising God for everything he has DONE and all that He is promising to in my life and ministry. I […]

Get Up, Get Up, Get Up, and Drive to the Victory!

Happy Friday! Picture yourself pouncing off an ACC line of scrimmage, with your arms up and flexed, palms out, eyes scanning left to right… and you’re jogging left, then right, then mowing forward, then left again, then right again… screaming down the field in front of a running back, making all the key blocks… 90 […]