Snow Day!!!

Happy Thursday!

Snow day!!!! I am sitting in my sunroom looking out through these 9 lovely floor-to-ceiling windows. It feels like I’ve been transported to the land of Narnia! Emily called out of work, Heaven is trying to take her exam online so she doesn’t have to drive back to Washington DC today. Coree is here, his Christmas break has already begun. Life is very good this morning.

There is something you guys should know about me. I am like a school kid on snow days! I smile uncontrollably when the weather man says, “Snow is coming!” Whether he predicts 3-6 inches, 5-10 inches, or 24+ inches… I LOVE SNOW DAYS!

This morning, our irritating Chihuahua woke up at 4am having to go potty! She was walking all over the bed… and no matter how many times we stuck her back under the covers, she kept climbing back out! So, after going to bed at 12:30am, I had to get up (in this freezing cold house), get dressed, and take Chica Marie Balsamo for a potty walk! Then it happened! I opened the family room door and guess what I saw? Snow flakes gently falling on this winter ground (and on Chica and me).

If you’re looking for some really good “snow day” reading material, check out my Snow Day Blog Archive!

Here’s an Elf video to get you in the snow day mood!


Here is a Rebecca St. James “Narinia” music video, perfect for this winter day. Enjoy!


Make this a great day!

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With much love…

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