I Had Humble Pie For Breakfast Today!

Happy Thursday!

Last night was a very stressful night for me. As you may know, both of my kids attend college in Washington DC. Since they didn’t have classes from today through Sunday, they planned to drive home yesterday afternoon.

Here was my facebook status yesterday morning:

Chuck Balsamo 6:01am Dear God, please blow your freeze powers over this rain n turn it into snow. We want snow-we want snow-we want snow! =)” As you can imagine, the thread received 45 comments and 21 likes.

It was all fun until I remembered that my kids were planning to travel home. Here was my facebook status last night:

Chuck Balsamo 10:15pm Prayed 4 snow forgetting that my kids had 2 get home from DC tonight. Now they r stranded @ a hotel off I-64. Windshield wipers broke. :,(

Emily Wanted Me To Step Up And Lead

At 12:00 noon, Emily asked me to call the kids and tell them not to travel in the snow. I honestly tried to do that, but my kids were far too determined for anyone to talk them out of it. Emily gave me that look, like she was saying, “Step Up!”

Well, I felt like they would be ok if they traveled cautiously, so I gave them the greatest safety speech of my life, prayed for their safety, and awaited their safe arrival.

But I Whimped Out

Thank God they are safe and nothing tragic happened to them. I wish I could say that the trip was perfect, but it was not. They ran into bad weather almost immediately after they left from DC, drove 20MPH on I-64, got stuck in a few major traffic jams… and found themselves many hours later in the middle of nowhere when the windshield wiper broke on the drivers side of the car.

I spent the next few hours on the phone with them, trying to find a hotel with vacancies, while they continued at 20MPH down the snow covered interstate with a broken windshield wiper and less then a quarter of a tank of gas.

And Suffered The Consequences

The atmosphere in our family became very stressful, very fast. I’m embarrassed to say this, but we would never do good at The Amazing Race reality TV series. Emily had that, “I told you so” look on her face. She had a deep motherly concern for the kids and an understandable degree of disappointment in me.

I could not figure out exactly where the kids were located, was trying to find them on google maps based on the landmarks they described (interstate signs were snow covered and it was dark and snowing)… the dogs started to bark in our house for no reason at all!

My daughter Heaven was the navigator-she was way beyond stressed. Coree was doing everything he could to keep Heaven’s VW Bug on the road, while I raced against time to find them a room. Then Emily said, “I told you to tell them NOT to drive in this storm.” I snapped and yelled at Emily while I stomped out of the family room with my laptop and still on the phone with Heaven, while the dogs were barking like a dog pound!

Then I Saved The Day-Just In Time

I heard Coree tell Heaven, “I am not driving like this anymore. We are pulling into the next Sheetz Convenience store and we’re going to sleep on the floor!” Finally, I found it! The one vacant hotel in a 50 mile radius, 13 miles away from their location. Forty-five minutes later, they were safe and sound.

And I Was Left Alone With An Offended Wife

Then, I was left alone in the presence of an offended wife. Amazingly, the dogs even stopped barking! If looks could kill, we would have seriously injured each other. Neither of us made a sound for the next 30 minutes, then we made a few random comments about the American Idol contestants we were watching… and we warmed up a little more every few minutes. Thankfully we went to bed as friends (just barely).

Today is a new day! Let’s do it again! lol, not. This morning I woke up feeling bad for two things. First, I wish that I had “Stepped Up” and told my kids not to travel in the snow. Second, wish I would have stayed calm and humble under last nights pressure. I never want to hurt Emily’s feelings. I always want to be her greatest source of happiness, besides God of course.

It’s amazing to me how God can bring so much good in what seems to be a bad situation. I talked to Heaven this morning and they seem to be having FUN with the detour! If everyone could have just kept their calm and looked for the fun in this situation, things would have gone so much better. Oh well, it’s water (or snow) under the bridge, and there is still next time…

Not Who I Want To Be, But Not Who I Used To Be

Why am I telling you this story? Because I want you to know that I am a regular guy with regular family issues… just like every other family in the world. Ministers who try to act like they are always perfect only discourage the rest of the world from recognizing their own progress.

Life is very complicated sometimes. Unfortunately, I don’t always react to situations with a tranquil smile and a heartfelt prayer. There are some things about myself I still need to change. Sometimes, it takes a high pressured situation to shine a light on this reality. But hey, I’ve come a very long way from the person I used to be. God is still working on me and He will continue to work on me until the day I die.

Philippians 1:6 says, “Being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.”

Anybody else want to confess their sins? Haha. Just kidding, I don’t want to get anything started!

Just like every morning, I prayed for you very passionately. I sincerely hope you feel the difference all day long.

Have a great day everyone!

With much love…

Dream Big, Live Bold, and Make the Difference!


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9 thoughts on “I Had Humble Pie For Breakfast Today!

  1. Some people don't like confessions because it is more than what they prefer to hear and/or deal with, but it is actually good for their soul…to me, it's kinda like getting served a platter that I don't like and wishing the person who made it would leave the room for a bit so that I can pass to the person next to the trash and dump it…but God has a way of making it so we have to eat it and find the right seasoning to spice it up a bit into a tasty meal.

  2. Oh man humble pie!! How many times have I had to do that?! Hmmmm… well we don't have enough time to go there today!!! lol It is great Pastor that you can be transparent enough to share your experiences! I can only begin to picture Coree and Hev out there, however I bet they were having a blast once they were safe and sound! One thing I know about them is they have been taught by you guys to make the best out of all circumstances!! Well anyway thank you for the reminder that we are all still working on ourselves!! None of us are exactly where we want to be, but all headed in the same direction!!

  3. Chuck you are amazing and we Love you for letting this side show instead of pretending like you are perfect and have it together 24/7/365. I'm so grateful for a human pastor, not one that acts like life is lollipops n sunshine all the time.

    I do have a terrible confession. This should explain my dislike for snow and ice;

    The truth is I LOVED snow as a child! It meant no school and at my house we had the best sledding hills in the entire neighborhood. I have so many great memories of being outside playing in the snow, making snow men, snow angels, snow forts, snow ball fights, anything fun with snow you can imagine, we did. All my friends going house to house to thaw out long enough for wet clothes to be tossed into dryer by a nice neighborhood mom who would fix us hot chocolate and cinnamon toast while we waited. By the end of the day I was so spent and content. I swore I had more fun in that one single day than in an entire summer vacation.

    Then I grew up and reality set in….

    Now I usually get in freak out mode when I hear snow. If I don't work, I don't get paid, and if I don't get paid, my rent and other bills are late. That's kills me, I want to be able to be independent and take care of my girls. Single parents know what bad weather means to finances. My kids have seen me in the past(after hearing the weather) sit on my bed sobbing hysterically worried about money. All along I should have been trusting God to make a way. (Bad example to them) I'm a hard worker and will do everything I can do to provide, they know that. I had to even tell them I was sorry they had to witness me falling apart instead of getting on my knees to pray. I had forgotten that God is my provider and for now he's even my husband. Learning to rely on God takes constant trust. So that is my big control freak confession. I'm human too:)

    One of the young adults sent me a text this morning from Gen. 50:20 about God using the intended harm for good. This snow created a stressful situation for us and the devil would love put his own negative spin on it. He didn't really succeed in your situation. It's a new day! So all this hassle just makes us that much more excited about the release we will be experiencing this weekend when Kent Henry comes to lead us in beautiful worship. All of us know that the presence of God can break strongholds and deliverance and favor happens. I'm so siked.

    God is still in charge, he's got the whole world in his hands, we peak down through the cracks between fingers and get scared. We just have to remember to look up at him.

    Sorry this was so long lol


    • Mel, you are such a shining example of Jesus to your kids and to everyone who knows you. Emily and I comment to each other frequently about how hard you work to care for your kids and how dedicated you are to Christ… the amazing example you are! Great comments… I am praying for you to have that new faith you want to have! I'm praying that God will bring you a prince charming who will bring you into his palace and make you his PRINCESS! 🙂

  4. Good work Dad. Deep breath and handle the next situation better…..before you screw up the next time.

    We are guys and dads- it is what we do but God lets a fix it and be better next time.

    • Thank you so much Marty. 🙂 I hope you're still able to attend the Kent Henry event at DFC tomorrow night! Bring everyone you know who is hungry for the C-HOP. Kent is personal friends with Mike Bickle, founder of the house of prayer movement and leader of IHOP Kansas City. Kent has led worship at IHOP at several events! Have a great day bud!

  5. Thank you for your openness and sharing this. It is important that we are honest with ourselves, but you always go a step further and share your heart in all matters with the world.

    I am thankful you shared this because twice this week I really put my foot in my mouth by being totally disrespectful to Randy. Monday was just horrible, but we never go to bed angry with one another. Tuesday to Thursday were good and then Friday I did it again. Friday was smoothed over easier THANK GOD. I do not like myself when I am disrespectful to Randy, but I am human and it happens. But, I do make a very conscience effort not to be. I love Randy so much, as you love Emily. But, your story and honesty let me know that their are other children of God who are deep in their relationship with Christ that have disrespected their spouse because I was really beating myself up on Friday about it.

    I praise God for you and Em.

    I am so glad that Coree and Heaven are safe and sound. I know they are your joys.