I Believe in You!

Happy Wednesday! This morning, I enjoyed a very powerful conversation with a great friend. The timing of his request was perfect. I had just finished praying and reading my Bible, getting ready to write this blog. He requested my advice… we tried to Skype, but this Starbucks internet is horrible, so we talked on the […]

Book Clip: Halt & Prove Identity!

Happy Monday! Here is a clip from my coming book, read at Destiny Family Center yesterday morning… Make Me a Legend Chapter 3 The Legend Begins Halt and Prove Identity People go crazy over championship contests. Extremely large hordes of obsessive followers stampede their way into the world’s largest venues every time a little guy […]

Rise Now and Maximize This Moment!

Happy Thursday! Yesterday’s website crash was the biggest internet crisis of my life and ministry. Our hosting company claims their system was hacked by a cyber terrorist due to the high traffic of this blog site. We were offline for 8 hours! Evidently, a low life person (from Russia) hacked their entire system through chuckbalsamo.com. […]

Dive For The Open Door!

Happy Monday! It’s actually late Sunday night when I am writing this blog. Tomorrow morning, we leave for Williamsburg, VA… going to the Great Wolf Lodge for a few days! I’m so looking forward to this time with my family, praying that God really blesses the entire trip. We’ve all been working so hard these […]