Sing Your New Spring Song!

Happy Monday! Spring is my favorite time of the year. Spring is a season of LIFE. New beginnings, new growth, new colors, new sounds: I love the smell of warm air, the sound of birds singing their first songs. Chirp, chirp, chirp, chirp, chirp… whooeee, whooo, hooo… cheek, cheek, cheek, cheek, cheek… whooeee, whoo, hooo… […]

The Rest of My Life 4 The Incoming Generations

Happy Thursday! I spent quite a few hours over the past few days praying about the sons and daughters in my life. I’m starting to realize that there are many people who are depending on me for love, affirmation, vision, strength, and protection. Even though I’m still too young for this, my paradigm has fully […]

Amid the Sound of The Great Celebration!

Happy Monday! Worship at Destiny Family Center yesterday morning hit another level! I felt like I was standing in the middle of a national worship conference-goose pimples and teary eyes for the entire session! This morning, I am thanking God in prayer for our worship team. I thank God for their flaming hearts and high […]

The Effort Only Makes Sense From the Top!

Happy Saturday! It seems like it was just yesterday when I wrote my last inspirational blog: Enough!! (Change Begins With a New Attitude). Was it really eight days ago? I’ve been suffering from the worse cold of my life, thankful to be alive this morning. During that time, I finished the first publishers edit on […]

The Journal of a Sick Puppy

Happy Wednesday! That’s a funny title, don’t you think? I feel very bad about not blogging since Friday. Believe it or not, I’ve been knocked to the floor with the worse cold of my life. Hopefully, I will be back to my normal self tomorrow and I’ll post a great blog for you guys to […]

Enough!! (Change Begins With a New Attitude)

How much longer are you going shrink back into the corners in fear? You’ve been neglected, abused, and physiologically beaten into subservience. Your self esteem is gone. Your resolve is lost and your dreams are shattered. You feel guilty for this failure, deserving of your misery. That’s exactly how he wants you to feel. He? […]

Apologize to Someone, With No Strings Attached.

Happy Thursday! Early this morning, I wrote a very humble 2nd letter of apology to my publisher for my overreaction from last week. If you were following that story, I’m referencing my response to their first edit-received on February 2. Whereas my initial response to them was professional and respectful, it was premature and mostly […]

Shut Up And Run!

Happy Tuesday! I’m suffering through the worse bloggers block of my entire life (since I started to blog two years ago). Maybe it’s just because of my current work load and my inability to focus until I’m caught up. I’m very sorry to the tribe for not saying hello to you since Friday. So, how […]

Eat This Elephant! One Bite At A Time.

Happy Friday! It’s amazing how much more respect I have for authors, the longer I’m on this journey! Just when you feel like you’re finished with most of your work in a marathon assignment… after you’ve invested 5 long years of your life to writing a book manuscript, and 6 additional months working with a […]

Solving Riddles With The Inspiration Of A Harp!

Happy Wednesday! Do you listen to worship music when you pray? This morning, I read one heck of a great Bible verse! “I listen carefully to many proverbs and solve riddles with inspiration from a harp.” (Psalm 49:4 NLT) (Emphasis added) It moved me, so I tweeted about it, then a received a text from my friend Jon […]