Sing Your New Spring Song!

Happy Monday!

Spring is my favorite time of the year. Spring is a season of LIFE.

New beginnings, new growth, new colors, new sounds: I love the smell of warm air, the sound of birds singing their first songs.

Chirp, chirp, chirp, chirp, chirp… whooeee, whooo, hooo… cheek, cheek, cheek, cheek, cheek… whooeee, whoo, hooo… they sing for the first time since winter drove them into seclusion. (Today’s photo compliments of

It’s going to be 74 degrees here in Virginia today. The sun is out, trees are trying to decide if now is the time to commit, if now is the time to push up the new buds and journey to another great blossoming season.

Sing with the birds, good people! Sing your new spring songs! Say goodbye to another winter… commit to a new spring. Push up your new buds, anticipate your next blossoming season!

“Ask the LORD for rain in the springtime; it is the LORD who sends the thunderstorms. He gives showers of rain to all people, and plants of the field to everyone.” (Zechariah 10:1 NIV)

Here is a great song for today: Jesus Culture, Dance With Me.


Behold You have come over the hills upon the mountain
To me, You will run. My Beloved, You’ve captured my heart…

Won’t You dance with me, Oh
Lover of my soul,
to the song of all songs?

With You, I will go You are my Love You are my Fair One
The winter has passed and the springtime has come…

Won’t You dance with me, Oh
Lover of my soul,
to the song of all songs?
Romance me, Oh
Lover of my soul
to the song of all songs.

Have a beautiful day everyone!



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6 thoughts on “Sing Your New Spring Song!

  1. I am soooo looking forward to spring. I think we've got a ways to go yet though:…

    The link is to my recent photos on facebook (supposed to be a public link)…of what it looks like here. Then, try to imagine a further 15-20cm of snow, some freezing rain and rain, which we are expecting later today!

    Love the photo of the birds on your post. Did you take it?

  2. Loved the blog today…..oh and PS..I was singing my spring song and someone told me it would be better sung inside…I didn't get it….lol….have a good day Pastor Chuck!!

  3. Today is so beautiful! I love sitting out on the deck listening to the leaves blow and the birds sing too! I especially love the picture you chose for today's blog! WOW! I know you grab them from google but it's beautiful! Don't forget I have you an album of photos all especially picked for you to use as you wish! I haven't added any lately because I've been busy with basketball photos but I will add some soon.

    Have a great day breathing in fresh clean air!

    • Vickie, what is the link to your photo's? I only use google photo's because it's so easy for me to type in the name of the image I'm looking for and hundreds pop up. But, I really want to use more of your in the future. I'm sorry to be asking for the link again… but I keep losing it. (mercy please) 🙂