Introducing Singer Jillian Warman

Happy Weekend!

Only a few blogs this week, I know right! Just be happy I’m still alive, ok? If you only knew! (smiling with messed up hair and torn up clothes-lol)

I want to bless you with the music of a new twitter friend. Her name is Jillian Warman. She has a beautiful HEART and a tremendous songwriting, singing, and musical ability!

Here are two of Jillian’s songs. They blessed me, so I am blessing you. Go to Jillian’s youtube channel and leave a happy comment when you get a chance. Jillian likes encouragement, don’t we all?

You Shine


Reaching Out to You


Do you have a talent we should know about? Leave your website info and we’ll check you out!

Tomorrow is the Highland County Maple Festival. We’ve been going to this event every year for the past 20 years… something very fun to do with your Saturday, IF you’re nearby!

Don’t forget the DFC weekend prayer meetings.

  • Friday 10pm-12am
  • Saturday 9pm-12am

See you Sunday online or in person @ Destiny Family Center. Have a very happy weekend!

With much love…

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4 thoughts on “Introducing Singer Jillian Warman

  1. Hey Chuck!!!

    Thanks for this blog! As for me, I am still learning about God's giftedness in me. There is a lot that I see in me and a lot of areas of my divine giftedness that I only have partial knowledge of at this time. So, having said that, my goal has become over the past few months to allow God to teach me His Word/His Will like a designer dressing a manequin after she takes all the measurements so that it fit the clothing with such precision, glamour and flare.

  2. Thanks for sharing!! Hey I am working at the restaurant at T-Bone Tooter all day tomorrow! If you all have a chance you should stop in for a meal!! 🙂 If not no biggie just a suggestion! 🙂 Hope you all have a blast!! Have a great weekend!! Love you guys!!

    • So wish we could have seen you at T-Bone Tooter!! Didn't work out, but it will someday… maybe when you OWN that place. You've been there forever it seems… and you're a great promoter. They should give you the keys!! 🙂