Friday Journal: Make Me A Legend news

Happy Friday! A busy few weeks this has been. Thankfully, I am now FINISHED with the 2nd publishers edit on my book! In three weeks, I will receive my book back from the paginator (the person who lays the book out exactly as it will be printed). The only thing I have left to do […]

Happy Good Friday Everyone!

Happy Good Friday! Sorry I haven’t been posting blogs for the past week. I fell behind. Today is such a special, holy day for Christians around the world. This is the day we acknowledge the sacrifice of Jesus as the ransom payment for our sins. We’re having a Good Friday service from 12noon to 1pm […]

Introducing The Newest AMAZING Blogger!

Happy Tuesday! I’m introducing a new blogger today! Our dear friend Abby Codrea just started a blog… and her fist two entries are masterfully written! What’s even more exciting to me is that Abby is a teenager with a profound natural gift for writing! She’s perfectly transparent, highly creative, very happy, and exceedingly inspirational! Please stop […]

Mike Tyson Interview With Greta Van Susteren

Happy Wednesday! This morning, I watched the Greta Van Susteren interview with Mike Tyson. Greta asked Mike Tyson: Why were you so good at boxing? Mike replied, “I had a great teacher… he wasn’t big time… everybody didn’t say yeah he’s one of great trainers of all time basically until I came around…  but he’s […]

Charlottesville Marathon, Sunday DFC, Soul Surfer-The Movie, and MMAL Cover Art Designs.

Happy Monday! I loved this past weekend! Maybe the busiest of my life, but one of the funnest for sure! The Charlottesville Marathon On Saturday, Abby Codrea and I helped Marty Roddy with the Charlottesville Marathon-sponsored by the Charlottesville Running Company and Main Street Arena! We started at 3:30am and went strong until 2pm. Marty […]

Ask 4 An Upgrade, Permit Yourself 2 Rise!

Happy Thursday! I just re-read yesterdays blog, To Be Loved, and it warmed my heart again this morning! You should read it one more time… and sincerely act on the suggestions it evokes. Have you seen this highly creative youtube video? Bathtub IV, by Keith Loutit httpv:// Quotes on creativity “Sometimes you’ve got to let […]

To Be Loved…

Happy Wednesday! Last night I was watching an LMN movie with my wife, just before we went to bed (ok, so I admit this). During a commercial, Emily looked over at me with the prettiest smile of her life and said, “You’re a good husband Charlie. I love you.” Then before I could say anything […]

Few Good Videos

Happy Tuesday! I’ve been listening to Jason Upton quite a bit lately. I love the following two new worship videos! Enjoy… httpv:// httpv:// Lot’s of appointments today, ran out of writing time… I hope to post something great tomorrow morning! Chuck