Charlottesville Marathon, Sunday DFC, Soul Surfer-The Movie, and MMAL Cover Art Designs.

Happy Monday!

I loved this past weekend! Maybe the busiest of my life, but one of the funnest for sure!

The Charlottesville Marathon

On Saturday, Abby Codrea and I helped Marty Roddy with the Charlottesville Marathon-sponsored by the Charlottesville Running Company and Main Street Arena! We started at 3:30am and went strong until 2pm. Marty and the rest of the crew kept going for a few more hours. I got to drive one of the Uhaul trucks and “look all important” for the day. We set up and tore down the water stops, handed out water and “Yummy, delicious Gatorade” to the runners, and cleaned up the finishers trash after the race.

I cheered like I was on illegal drugs, made a pile of new friends, and laughed a hundred times or more while I sweated profusely for most of the day!

My facebook status on Saturday at 5:20pm read: Collapse, physical exhaustion. Running a marathon is easier then being a marathon worker-Marty Roddy is a bionic robot!

I only got to cheer for Emily Balsamo at miles 5 and 8, but I cheered the rest of the way by text! So proud of her for pulling off two back to back races! Concerned about her terrible knee injury.

After the race, some of Emily’s family from Richmond cooked dinner at our house (so nice of them) and the laughs continued around the dinner table. I fell asleep praying and studying for Sunday’s ministry schedule.

Sunday DFC

Church at Destiny Family Center was profound yesterday morning-an understatement! Worship was amazing, the congregation was happy and hyper throughout! At one point, I felt like they wanted me to teach for several more hours! My message was titled: Spiritual Wars, Powers, and Wins: Show Me What You’re Spiritually Made Of! Yesterday was a game changer for quite a few people!!

I instructed Bible College/Advanced Ministry Mentorship from 2:30-5:30pm. Every student in this class is bound for legendary things! It’s an honor to be doing this again.

Soul Surfer-The Movie

After class, Heaven Balsamo made us a special homemade whipped cream on strawberry shortcake… and we went with friends to the 7:05pm showing of Soul Surfer.

My facebook status this morning: Soul Surfer was A M A Z I N G L Y inspirational. It even exceeded my high expectations! Bucket List: Meet Bethany Hamilton!


Make Me A Legend-Cover Art Designs

Here are a few of the preliminary designs, wondering how they make you feel. Please post your honest feedback-no flattery.

Click on thumbnail for full image.

My reply to the ship design creator: If people picked up the book and felt like they were boarding the Santa Maria—curious for the better tomorrow… If they felt like people must have felt in Palos Spain in 1492 when Columbus raised his sails… the courage, the intrigue, the stuff that legends are made of. If people feel this, then you have succeeded and this may be our image.

I really like the simplicity design-it showcases a great title! The handprint definitely arrests my curiosity, but it might be too dark.

So far, I’ve received positive and negative feedback on each of these images. There are several other images that I haven’t posted because they didn’t make the blogsite cut. The designers are working on additional concepts.

Do you have an idea for us? Notice the tag-line: For The Dream Of A Better Tomorrow

We want to create a modern image, something that appeals to the secular mind-no cliches, something that perfectly encapsulates the essence of Make Me A Legend.

Here are two ideas from my personal assistant, Kristin Via:

  1. A line of men and women, dressed in armor with some 21 century style showing through… they are standing on a battlefield, holding a flag (neutral flag representing an unrevealed cause). It’s dark in front of them, but bright and colorful behind them—with children standing hand in hand without a care in the world because of the legend generation.
  2. An old armor laying in a field with kids playing around it… one kid looking at it, another looking at the sky… the armor is banged up and partial.

Please post you ideas, help us create the winning image!

That’s it for today, have a very fun Monday. With much love…

Dream Big, Live Bold, and Leave a Legacy!

Chuck Balsamo

Please note: I reserve the right to delete comments that are offensive or off-topic.

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20 thoughts on “Charlottesville Marathon, Sunday DFC, Soul Surfer-The Movie, and MMAL Cover Art Designs.

  1. Hey Chuck! For your book cover I would combine the gray cover with the hand printt, that way it won't be so dark but will still be impactful. I personally LOVE the handprint because not only does it spark curiosity but it's a powerful, bold image- it made me think of leaving a handprint on the world…awesome. For the ship creative, when I first looked at it, I wasn't sure what it was representing and it came off as maybe a kids storybook- maybe because of the simplicity of it?

    Regardless, I truly believe that with whatever cover you choose it’ll be fine because you have a great title. Although I’m a very visual person, I’ve bought books with horrible covers because their titles were powerful.

    Have an awesome day and look forward to seeing you very soon!

  2. What about this. A fingerprint, like your index finger, on a globe or a map. That way it's symboling leaving your mark on the world? Just a thought.

    • Good Morning again,Listen I was looking at these ideas for your book cover.I like the hand print! But I think that print could be more detailed.If it is okay by you I would like my son Adam to look at these.He is a very talented and deeply spiritual Artist,who will be attending Pratt in the fall.I think he may have some awesome ideas for you!Let me know what you think,Jan

      • Thank you Jan… I am praying for your son this morning, that God's creative spirit will be on him for the rest of his life. Have an amazing day!! 🙂

        • Thank you Chuck…I did have an amazing day! Began my day in quiet Prayer,then I began my new journey reading the Bible,starting with John.After reading I headed over to the Rockbridge Reginal Jail.On Tuesdays I meet with the women inmates that are suffering from addiction.The Lords grace was definetly in those rooms with me.I could tell that these women are seeking,Left there feeling the love and trust flowing.Thank you for prayers for Adam and for me also! Looking forward to Sunday,see you soon,Jan

    • That would be really cool except I have this thing against globes and map images. When I first started in ministry, I way overused globes… and I never want to use one again if I can help it. Sorry Deborah! lol Please give me something else!! 🙂

  3. Good Monday morning to you too!! You sound like you had one of my weekends! lol I am very glad you enjoyed it! I can’t wait to see the movie Soul Surfer myself! Maybe even date night for me and Jeremy!!! I am sooooo excited about what God is doing in the body of Christ!! We are in a massive outpouring!!! I am soooo excited!!!

    As far as the book cover I agree that the hand print it too dark. I still like the simplicity of the first one with just the title on it. If I had to choose between the two ship covers it would be the top right one with all the writing in black. I think the red is too busy. I think Kristen’s ideas are really neat but I am a visual person. I would probably need to see them first.

    Hope you have a great week!!! Love you all!!!

  4. Great! Thanks Elaine!! I personally like the other ship design better because it leaves more white space between title and drawing… and it seems to be more professional. I’m still on the fence about it though. Please keep the comments coming everyone. 🙂

    • The funny thing is usually I am more drawn to the cleaner look too but I think it cuts out the adventurousness of the artwork. I think it kinda stifles the excitement of taking a voyage. I hope that makes sense. I think that the professional part of it stifles the creativity of the cover. If that were the route you choose to take. lol Sorry I am full of opnions to share today. 🙂

  5. Hey there! I’m glad I got to be a part of your Sunday at church and at LCU.

    I would like to comment on the book cover options. This will be good ‘courage practice’ lol.

    The ship designs are bold, maybe a lil too dark. The top left words ‘Make me a Legend’ is really cool, I have seen other books with a similar look. The hand print makes me think its a mystery or crime story. (These are just my opinions) I like Kristins idea of the old armor laying in a field. To me that says ‘LEGACY’ and would 100% capture my attention and intrigue. It’s like an open ended thought and you just have to pick it up and read the back.


  6. I cannot thank Chuck and Abby enough for traveling here to help with the muscle work and of course the great cheer.

    If I hadn’t met or read or talked to Chuck before Saturday I may have assumed( incorrectly) that he was on SOME substance- I know the substance was love, adrenaline (and some yummy greasy baked goodies) and the spirit of helping.

    What we send out we get back- whether it is the Golden Rule or Karma or love- Cheers of “yummy- Delicious gatorade” help the cheer-er as well as the cheered on.

    It is 2 days past the race and i am almost back to normal physically but the brain is still rebooting.

    God Bless Chuck, Abby, Emily as well as the rest of the race course crew- Andrew, Darcy, Tristan and Nick( 2 timer and now a PRO)

  7. So…these book covers. Here are my thoughts. Please take or leave them 🙂

    1. The grey one…I think is too much like other books I’ve seen. Its not bad, but doesn’t really stand out to me.

    2. I really like the ship graphic…it might be interesting to play with the degree of black of the text and image, maybe add some lighter grays in the waves even.

    3. I absolutely vote for the hand-written title over the type-font letters. The computer font just does not seem to go with the design like the hand-written style does!

    4. I am a sucker for hand-prints…I think they are intriguing and neat to look at…but like someone before mentioned…I don’t know if it conveys the message you are aiming for.

    5. I like the second idea your assistant suggested with the armor in the field. Or, kind of elaborating off of that idea: maybe you could have each of the kids wearing/holding/investigating one piece of the armor…as if to show they are taking on the armor in hopes of becoming a legend like the warriors before them…

    How fun that you are to the point of picking out a cover. Exciting.

  8. I guess I should have read your blog before your facebook, lol! We are in the same vein today, not surprised though. I sent you a photo I had in my head of what I was thinking for your cover. Not a finished product, just a vision of what I see so no votes.

    As I said in my email, and I will say it here also to get people’s creative minds flowing. I looked up Legend in a few sources for a concrete definition and history of the word itself. My mind immediately went to being in the “eyes of the book itself” as if the book was alive and the book became “THE LEGEND” which then set my brain in motion with a vision through a different lens. I won’t even go there now. LOL.

    Considering your tag-line, “The Dream for a Better Tomorrow” the Legend as the object of the title of this book would be the BOOK, not the person, correct? Think about it. Chuck Balsamo IS a WORLD CHANGER that is TRUTH but is HE the Dream? no, the Legend (the story HE tells is the better tomorrow) so that is the book. hmmm. something to think about. This is not meant to be critical so please in no way, take it that way. Just writing as my thoughts unfold.

    I totally see where the artist is going with the ship design now. Legendary happenings that shaped our world and changed our lives forever! However, I don’t particularly care for the look of the water. Going with that same theme of world changing events or happenings or inventions I can’t help but to think of the worlds first computer. As big and ugly as it may be but still monumental in history making. Not only for technology but in the essence of also reaching the world as so will this book.

    I love Kristin’s idea with the combination of the comment you received from Rreed2.
    What I am seeing here is kids playing in a wheat field with tall grass, like it would need to be harvested. Of course they are in a patch of clearing. They are picking up pieces of an armor and finding “treasure” of history’s past legendary warriors who has paved the way for them to be where they are today. The darkness would be behind them so they are brought out of darkness into His marvelous light.. 1 Peter 2:9 “But you are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, His own special people, that you may proclaim the praises of Him who called you out of darkness into His marvelous light”

    Then maybe a ray of sunshine beaming down to highlight a particular piece of armor like kristin said the kids looking at it, holding pieces of what they found, some looking up to the sky, some looking at their pieces, some looking at the armor.

    Thats all folks, have a beautimus day!

    • Vickie, your love for life and you passion for EVERYTHING… it blesses everyone around you! Thank you for adding tremendous value to my life for these past several years! I haven't caught up with facebook yet… I'm looking forward to seeing your comments!! Here, you've definitely given us some excellent things to consider! Thank you. 🙂

    • Hey Jonathan, I prayed for you this morning! Hope your trip to India is exceptional!! Thanks for the comment. You are a highly creative individual and I was interested in your opinion. Please post any other ideas you churn out. Make a difference buddy, we love you!! 🙂