Happy Good Friday Everyone!

Happy Good Friday!

Sorry I haven’t been posting blogs for the past week. I fell behind.

Today is such a special, holy day for Christians around the world. This is the day we acknowledge the sacrifice of Jesus as the ransom payment for our sins. We’re having a Good Friday service from 12noon to 1pm @ Destiny Family Center, then tonight, we’re showing The Passion of Christ on the big screen.

Just at the moment I began to write this message, I experienced a now reality of God’s love. My prayer is that everyone will have this reality today. No matter who you are or what you are going through… may you know the love of God more than you have in a very long time. I pray that this whole weekend, all the way through Easter Sunday will bring significant change and blessing to you and yours.

Here is the perfect Good Friday video: Hillsong, Lead Me To The Cross. May these lyrics, sounds, and images touch your life today.


That’s all for now, I’t 11:42am, and I’m almost late for the meeting! (smile)

Dream Big, Live Bold, and Leave a Legacy,

Chuck Balsamo

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6 thoughts on “Happy Good Friday Everyone!

  1. I’ve never experienced Easter in this way EVER before. I can’t even put it in words. I’ve had an overwhelming feeling of reverence since the Good Friday service at DFC. Wow. Can’t wait to praise God corporately in church tomorrow!

    • Yeah, me too Emily. My eyes have been watering all weekend. The reality of what Jesus did is bigger this year for me than any other year of my life! 🙂

  2. As each holiday passes like Easter and Chrisutmas, I am confused by the fact that some people only celebrate God being the Alpha and Omega once a year… After all said and done, because of God, our dreams that were crushed by humanity's flaws, survived the catastrophy. How so? He is sovereign and we are all connected to his life support system and not our own…Truly, I am grateful and even I had the best credit history financially, I would have a huge debt to pay spiritually because He is worthy of all the praise.

    • Sadly, most people only turn to God when they have no other options. I’m praying for the next awakening more than anything else! Especially here in America, we need to be reignited in our first love. 🙂