Mike Tyson Interview With Greta Van Susteren

Happy Wednesday!

This morning, I watched the Greta Van Susteren interview with Mike Tyson.

Greta asked Mike Tyson: Why were you so good at boxing?

Mike replied, “I had a great teacher… he wasn’t big time… everybody didn’t say yeah he’s one of great trainers of all time basically until I came around…  but he’s always been a great trainer… he just needed the right fighter… to teach what he needed to teach… that’s what he needed.”

This reminds me of something I wrote in my book…

Make Me A Legend

Chapter 14, Get Connected: Mentors, Peers, Apprentices

The Silent Cry of a Mentor

I know a man named Danny who is a hardworking older fellow, crazy in love with his wife and family. Danny is always telling funny jokes and happy phrases—and every time he introduces his wife to a new friend, he says, “I prayed for God to send me a decent woman—and he sent me an angel!”He has certainly become a very good friend of mine over the past few years.

Through his wonderful daughter, our dear friend Tammy, Danny heard about my growing fascination for gardens. During those days, Emily and I were two struggling apprentice gardeners eager for a tip or two. The timing was perfect when he and I first met. One early summer afternoon, Danny invited us to his house for lunch—and to our sheer astonishment, Danny and Dolly led us around their front, back, and side yards, and through their greenhouse—and introduced us to more than 250 species of plants! Our search was over, our prayers were answered—there was no doubt about it, we had found our Yoda gardener!

Since that day, Danny has spent quite a few hours at our house—very patiently instructing Emily and me in the ways of the garden force. Since then he has gifted us with a pile of plants—too many to count. Thanks to Danny Lesslie, we have become two fine master gardeners! Well, not really—we still have a very long way to go, but it certainly is nice having a gardening mentor.

Danny and I have spent quite a few spring and summer days laboring for the better good of our beloved plants. While all the neighborhood birds, frogs, fish, and squirrels frolicked about thanking God for the beautiful habitation we were creating for them, Danny and I talked about everything under the sun. I have learned many very interesting things about him. For example, Danny is one of the greatest master bakers of all time! Really, I wish you could have the pleasure of experiencing one or two of his scrumdiddlyumptious signature food creations. Mmmm!

One day, Danny took my family through his house and showed us some of his many awards and trophies. There is no end to learning all he knows! Thirty minutes with Danny is like a 3-credit-hour college course! He talks faster than most people can comprehend, gives away more information than most of us can process, and he loves to teach more than anyone I’ve ever met.

Sometimes I watch Danny move, and I’m tempted to offer him a chair. Sometimes I hear him talk and I am tempted to slow him down—until I realize he is aging fast, and his time is running out. He may be panicking that he may not be able to pass it all down before his life is over. This is the silent cry of every good mentor. I imagine that every night they climb onto their knees, bend their elbows, cross their hands, and pray:

Please God, give me at least one eager apprentice! Please, bring someone into my life with a desire for my craft! Give me at least one humble, loyal apprentice, and I will give the rest of my life to teach that person everything I know. Dear God, I have lived my best days and I have achieved so much—and today none of this means anything if I cannot give it to someone else. Please God, before I leave this earth, please answer one last prayer—establish my legacy.

When Danny found out my daughter Heaven was going to culinary school because she wanted to be a bakery chef—he reverse aged by 40 years! “A bakery chef, did you say she was going to become a bakery chef? Well, that just so happens to be my specialty!”Danny must have called our house every day for several weeks! “When can I meet with Heaven? There’s so much I need to teach her before this fall! Oh, and I have a few very valuable items I want to give her! Oh my, there’s so much we have to do! This is great! I’m so proud of Heaven for going this direction with her life!”

Just as soon as our schedules allowed it, we finally accepted Danny’s kind invitation—and let me tell you—Danny gave Heaven a knife set, special cookbooks, an oven thermometer, and other valuable items, including a very sentimental professional garnishing kit given to him by his beautiful Dolly. What a difference this man has made in our daughter’s life—and what a difference she has made in his.

There are so many Danny’s in our world. They have a lifetime of experience and skill, and a strong desire to pass it down, but every day, they awake to another pointless agenda. Please don’t misunderstand me. This is not to downplay their enjoyment of friends and family and the satisfaction they find in work, church, and play. I am just saying what nobody wants to say. They may stare into the bathroom mirror to find a few more wrinkles and a little less hair. They may have strange cramps and aching bones and a few chest pains every once in a while—and they wonder, How much more time do I have? When I die, this all dies with me unless I find an apprentice.

Dear God, awaken the apprentice generation! Give us a longing for the real inheritance of our aging mentors. Let us see past their money and material possessions, to the heart and spirit they long to give us. May we comprehend the value of our living inheritances before the opportunity for impartation is gone!

Again, I will refer to the infamous mentor/apprentice relationship between Elijah and Elisha. On the final day of Elijah’s life, when he realized that his brief but full life was nearly up—he set his eyes on the loyal heart of his young apprentice Elisha. Elijah asked Elisha, “Tell me what I can do for you before I am taken away.” From Elisha’s immediate reply, we can assume that he had already thought about what he really wanted and he was just waiting for the question. Surprisingly, he did not ask for Elijah’s mansion, or any of his earthly possessions—without hesitation, Elisha responded, “Please let me inherit a double share of your spirit and become your successor” (2 Kings 2:9).

I can hear Elisha thinking to himself, Everyone else can spend the next ten years fighting over my master’s material estate—I want the thing nobody else will even think to ask for. Um, master Elijah, I know what I want—a double share of your spirit! Please, make me your successor! Brilliant, Elisha! There is no greater way to honor a mentor, then to ask for his spirit. This is what every faithful apprentice does for his good mentor. Apprentices establish legacy! Because of the apprentice, the mentor rests in peace, knowing that his legacy will endure.

Again, Mike replied, “I had a great teacher… he wasn’t big time… everybody didn’t say yeah he’s one of great trainers of all time basically until I came around…  but he’s always been a great trainer… he just needed the right fighter… to teach what he needed to teach… that’s what he needed.

Your thoughts?

I just finished praying for you. Have a most triumphant day! With much love…

Dream Big, Live Bold, and Leave a Legacy!

Chuck Balsamo

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10 thoughts on “Mike Tyson Interview With Greta Van Susteren

  1. Hey! I must say that this blog comes at such a good time. Its exactly what I needed to hear…looking forward to seeing u soon and very soon.

  2. Awesome post! I've always wanted a mentor. I sort of had one once, but neither of us really knew what a mentor/apprentice relationship was about, and it pretty much drifted away. I wouldn't mind being a mentor myself, but I don't think I have anything worth mentoring about…

    • Are we talking about the same Shelley? Have you seen your amazing blog lately! Ok, here is a simple key to mentoring. Everyone has a niche-knowledge and experience not common to others. Just like Katherine, you have a beautiful HEART Shelley. Discover your niche and put your heart behind it… and believe me, there are hundreds, even thousands of individuals out there in this huge world who are longing to learn from you. I've been dealing with this same issue recently, like "who am I to lead on a national level?" But, people have a right to access our knowledge and experience for the acceleration of their own destiny. Let's be courageous… and offer ourselves to the world, without hesitation. Ok? For inspiration, consider Moses and Gideon… two guys who said, "What do I have to offer?" You pray for me and I will pray for you? Perfect! Have a powerful day!!

  3. I've been aching for a mentor, but I don't know how to find one – at least not one that knows me personally. There are several folks I know through the web, podcasts, blogs, etc. that I look up to. For example…. you!

  4. I prayed for God to send me a decent woman—and he sent me an angel!

    WOW !!!!! One of the best things I have ever seen written or said about love and relationships…

    I wept as i read this- It hit just right and I said a prayer thanking God that at 36 I saw the light and cleaned up my life and started FEELING for the first time and I can now weep and be touched- ans well as laugh and share joy.

    Thanks for sharing this Chuck….

    • Marty-this comment has been MOVING me since you posted it yesterday! Coming from the toughest MAN i know, makes it even more powerful. You're a super person and you've become a very good friend of ours. We love you and we wish you a happy Sunday. 🙂