A Squirrel, A Robin’s Nest, and a Lesson About Terrorism.

Happy Tuesday! This morning, I watched a heartless squirrel invade a peaceful robin’s nest… and annihilate the babies in a matter of seconds. The mom and dad robins put up the best fight they had, flying high, then diving at this agent of terror, squawking and flapping… they repeated the routine several times as the […]

My Bike Ride 2 The Office!

Happy Thursday! Please forgive me for saying this, but I used to think that cyclists were less than runners. I was very wrong. This morning I was humbled. This changes everything! lol As you might know, Emily and I have been running for many years. Even when we are out of shape, we are still […]

Friday Journal: Daughter In Major Cake Competition!

Happy Weekend! Tonight at 6:30pm, my lovely daughter, Heaven Balsamo, will be competing in a major cake competition… The Zoofari Cake Competition at the Washington National Zoo! I am so proud!! (smiling big) Heaven (left in photo above) is on a team with two other (very nice, very deserving) students from the Art Institute (Heaven, […]

Tomorrow: I’m Preaching The Lyrics 2 A Taylor Swift Song!

Happy Weekend! Tomorrow morning at Destiny Family Center, I am preaching from the lyrics of a new Taylor Swift song… and it will be a Sunday to remember! Seriously, I’ve cried thirty times this week thinking about this message. More than a message, it’s the anthem of this moment to a very special group of people. […]

May The Death Of Osama Bin Laden Inspire People Worldwide!

Happy Monday! Last night, my fellow Americans and I watched a momentous special live report from the White House. Osama Bin Laden, the master mind behind the 9-11 terror attacks on the USA and the monster behind terror worldwide… has been killed. Whereas it may seem awkward to celebrate the death of a human… I […]