My Bike Ride 2 The Office!

Happy Thursday!

Please forgive me for saying this, but I used to think that cyclists were less than runners. I was very wrong. This morning I was humbled. This changes everything! lol

As you might know, Emily and I have been running for many years. Even when we are out of shape, we are still never too far out of shape. Well, I am kind of getting to that point these days. The past several months have been cruel on my mind and since I’m a stress eater, I’ve put on a few pounds. Plus, I haven’t been able to run more than one day a week…

A few years ago, my wife and I downsized to sharing a vehicle between the two of us. It’s an older vehicle (in and out of the shop) on top of that. Humbling season this has been for many Americans. Humbling, but very necessary.

Recently, I’ve been thinking, “Hey, I should get a bike and ride it back and forth to the office… and when I have to make short trips to the store.” If I lived in a city, I would have done this a very long time ago.

Every time I’ve brought up the idea, people have laughed at me! And who’s laughing now? I am! Because on this past Saturday, Jake Condra gave me a vintage 10 speed bike! (photo below)

I’m no longer laughing, but many are, because this morning I took my first trip to the office on my bike! Dear God, what was I thinking?

Seriously, have you ever used your bike as a means of TRANSPORTATION? This is not like joy riding around the neighborhood on your huffy, kids!

First of all, the main roads are very scary. I think my seat was raised too high and I feared that wiping out might feel like being thrown from the roof of my house. Note to self: buy helmet and pads. (haha)

As I approached my first red traffic light, I felt a little insecure about being the VEHICLE in the front of the line… so I made a right turn and then turned around so that I could make a right on red. Then, as soon as I made it too a neighborhood on my right, I turned and took a HUGE detour to avoid the main road. The detours tripled my distance!

Ok, it felt like people were laughing at me… or cussing at me… and they were saying mean things under their breath like, “Why don’t you get a job pansy!” or “Get a car!!”

When I arrived at my office, sweat was pouring like rainfall. I took a photo of my bike, crawled into my office, and pulled myself into this chair, where I am still sitting… and praying for revitalization!

Here is my face, two hours later! (slightly exaggerating-lol)

So, if you see me on the road, please be kind and remember this: My bike runs on water and a healthy snack, it burns calories, and it’s never breaks down unless I do!

Have a happy day friends.

With much love…

Dream Big, Live Bold, and Leave a Legacy,

Chuck Balsamo



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7 thoughts on “My Bike Ride 2 The Office!

  1. Hi chuck,
    Weird! In Belgium, everyone is riding a bike. I actually do more road on my bike than in a car these last months… I ride about 10 miles a day and it is good for health. I ll send you some pictures of our bike park places, it is bigger than car parking! Good to see you are going green, and plus it is economic 🙂 keep it up
    God bless

    • Pictures yes Michael!!! That’s pretty cool about your country! Maybe USA will become like that. It is such a healthy way to live. 🙂

  2. I haven't been on a bike in ages – probably since I was a teenager eons ago. The funny thing is, my brother is a co-owner of a bike shop and sells mountain bikes, accessories, etc. and, I also don't have the money to buy one, lol. Some of our streets (several of the main ones) have bike lanes, but still, I think I would be nervous to ride a bike in traffic.

    Oh, and you most definitely should get yourself a helmet!

  3. Like I said, my boyfriend rides bikes (both mountain and road).
    I made fun of him at first because I thought the same way as you–that his biking 5 miles a day was far easier than my running 3 miles a day.
    Not until I got on the road bike simulator did I realize how strenuous it is! I have a completely different respect for bikers now.

    Also, you should look into mountain biking too (as a Balsamo I understand the adrenaline rush addiction..) trust me, mountain biking will give you that rush. 🙂 love you!

    • Amber, I miss you. Still praying for your studies, and your life in general. Your boyfriend seems like a great person. I'm so HAPPY for you and PROUD of you in so many ways!!

  4. Chuck,

    Joseph wanted me to remind you about your days skateboarding with him. Wiping out would feel like that (although probably not as bad as when Joseph wiped out on the way to Food Lion, lol).